Still on 12/12 [RESOLVED]


Hey guys just got the email that you’ve extended my veg period a little longer to 2 weeks. Although, I’m still in the flowering period with the lights on and off for 12 hours please help its already on day 3 with the 12/12. I figured i can get a response maybe a little faster through here?


Go back into your light settings and see if it has the option? Sometimes when I reboot my unit the lights won’t turn on but everything else works. I then go to the app and basically just set it back to the school hit ok and then they pop on …

Try rebooting your system after 1 minute the reboot goes and finds the most recent light/feeding schedule maybe that might work


@NOo_Reggie as @chris_barfield stated if you reboot your unit it’s guaranteed to grab whatever it was supposed to be set to right now

As a general note our customer support hours are 9AM-5PM EST so AG would be the best place to post if you have immediate issues outside of those hours (some of us Grobo staff are around from time to time - pinging myself or @Stephen helps get our attention too). Most of the users on here are more than happy to help out though :slight_smile:




Thanks @chris_barfield @Chris I’m going to give it a shot and reboot to see what happens let you guys know the outcome in a few :ok_hand:


Yeah its still showing on 12 off 12 on with the reboot and doesnt give me another option other than to adjust the times


@NOo_Reggie I’m assuming when you go to your settings it says “on for 12 hours” in the middle of the blue bar?

We have our software dev @bruno around right now - can I get your unit name and we’ll look into it




Yes its got only the blue bar on my screen @Chris and when you’re referring to what the name of the grobo unit is called do you mean what i named my plant for the grobo? But if so its called “Missing In Barcelona” thanks again @Chris


Hey @NOo_Reggie, I just pushed an update. Would you mind trying to edit your light settings again and let me know if there is a 20 hour window instead of a 12 hour window now?


It worked! @bruno wow that was quick. Thanks again guys i really appreciate it on the quick responses too. :fist_right::fist_left:


@bruno was that a general software update for all units or just his issue?


@chris_barfield just an update for his schedule to get it back to the veg stage




So when it’s time to flower we have no control on when it’s time to flip? @Chris


Hi @NOo_Reggie,

Verified the schedule this morning and added a couple more days for you to fill out the space. I have you harvesting around the 19th of December. I also bumped your pH up a bit, to allow for more calcium availability. We will monitor your data for a couple weeks to ensure all is good, keep us posted!


This is correct, with the automation of our system, the recipe automatically flips the lights for our photoperiod dependant strains. If you want to extend the veg time, you can simply make a request through We are working to bring this functionality to the app and put that power into your hands.



Can I get a notification before the flip so I can make the request if I need to? @Stephen


@True that’s a good idea


Hey @True,

I can’t add a notification, but I can let you know when your recipe is scheduled to flip. Shoot me an email at and I’ll be able to peek at your schedule and relay the deets you need. I’ll relay the idea of a flip notification with our software team.



Thanks again @Stephen for the heads up and i will keep you guys posted on the progress with the ph going up.


A line that is lol


Hey @True,

Not sure what you mean there, but I see your support ticket and I’ll respond there.