Still have no lights [RESOLVED]

Good morning growers. I’m still having trouble with my Grobo.My led indicator light is off. The lights inside are not on. I know the unit has power because I can hear the bubbler. The door is stuck lock since the server went down yesterday. Please help.

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If you have not done already might want to submit a ticket to support.


Thanks yeah I have submitted one

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Please help @Stephen

If Stephen doesn’t respond soon, go ahead and try unplugging your Grobo for a solid 3 minutes then reconnect. It might take a couple stabs at this process.

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Thank you :pray: will try.

Did you get your WiFi and lights back on…took me bout a hour to do so

Still working with it

Yeah it took some time but I’m back on now

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If you’re able to control your Grobo through the app still, try going into light settings to change the light schedule. You don’t actually have to change it btw, just getting to that menu and applying the “change” resets the lights.


Still without any lights/WiFi to the machine but I did manage to get the door open. She popped this morning. Hope the support team can get whatever is going on under control. I don’t want to lose her.


Issues resolved :grinning:


Awesome! What was causing the issue and how was it fixed?

  • ((#[RESOLVED])):



Still not sure. They had me take the top off and reset the machine


Got ya, glad your back at it brother :facepunch:

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