Started New Grow outside my Grobo

Jean Guy… sooo jelly!


I’m gonna flip them to flower next week. Jean Guy doesn’t get that big but my tent is only 5ft and its already 12in tall in flower that will double or more. Dont want her to burn. They have a shirt cycle only 70days

So I decided to buy a quality ph meter because my other one was from China. I have a plant that is slow growing and didn’t know why. I checked the ph with my new meter it was 7.2 wtf. I added 2ml of ph down shes now 5.8. Hopefully that helps. It’s odd only this plant has ph issues the other plant was only 6.2 no issues at all. I feed them the same.

Day 49 Jean Guy

They said this strain was difficult to grow but is doing better than the other one.


Day 49
Acid Dough

Had a rough go at it I accidentally cut off 2 colas. 3 colas left. Had nute lock for a few days. Bought new ph meter found out ph was too high. I lowered ph and now leaves 5green and healthy again.


I took better pics

Day 50


Transition day 1

I have 2 600w LEDs in there.


The larger plant is my Jean Guy drinking crazy water. 2 gallons a week. It’s a 5gallon res but its always down to 3 gallons on water change day. Ph 6.0-6.2 water temp 76. Ppm 700.

Acid dough the smaller plant drinking maybe half a gallon a week large roots but had to correct ph. Now shes drinking better no more deficiency.

Ph 5.9 water temp 77 ppm 650.

I’m being much more attentive with this grow. I can already see a difference. Much stronger stalk and thicker.

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Water temp is high such that it will encourage the development of root rot. I recently learned that the optimal res water temp is 18c or 64.4f, since I’ve had my grobo res water at that temp, I’ve had explosive root growth and the colder water prevents pathogens from propagating. Just a tip :+1::v::joy:

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The temp has already gone down. The exhaust fan sucks away heat like crazy. The water temp atm is 68.

McManus, you have to realize the temp in the tent won’t be indicative of your water temp. Ambient temp and water temp are two totally different animals. Water temp means the actual temperature of your water in your res. Just wanted to clarify that :+1::joy::v:


I have a temp guage on my ph meter. I am checking the temp of the water. I’ve been adding ice blocks and everything. I just saw how expensive the water cooler is. I cant afford 1 let alone 3.

This is what I got, and you can connect it to a larger res and make a couple t connects to feed all there buckets. One twenty gallon res will feed three 5 gal bubble buckets any day, and you water will be fresh and cold and your plants roots will thank you:


It’s cheap and Chinese, but it’s worked so far with great results.!it was a bit off earlier because I added two solo cups of warmer water to my res because my massive roots are drinking like mad :+1::v::joy:

So how does it work?? How do u use it and connect it to more than one bucket

Day 53 Day 3 Transition

I ordered my water chillers they are coming Wednesday. So far keeping ph low and adding ice. Still drinking water like crazy 1gallon every 3 days.


Week 2 of Transition
Ph 5.9
Temp. 69f

Stalk is strong and getting hella thick.


Nice, your girls are happy! Well done m! Good on ya


Proud of you McManus :joy::exploding_head::fire::heart_eyes::scream::tada::clown_face:

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When I failed indirectly in my first frow I was like ok regroup. I looked through all my data since I documented everything and was like what could I do better.

I’m no quitter. I cried like a girl but I got over it and planted 4 new girls.


Today I tried supercropping. That was scary. I squeezed too hard. I had to apply tape to support her as she heals. I defoiled, adjusted ph and added ice because FedEx still hasn’t brought my chillers. I’m determined to have a successful grow.

I also got my new haul of seeds.