Started New Grow outside my Grobo


I have 2 new seedling Jean Guy and Acid Dough.

This Jean. I had to replant her because she stretched too much. Lucky I had an extra cocopod so I took her out of the rockwool and put her in the coco pod. I hope it saves her. She was falling over.

This is Acid dough. They are both 7 days old.



((#HappyBabies))… :wink:

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They look so tiny in there. It’s the smallest basket I could find. I hope they grow fast. They only have a 85 day grow cycle.


Updated pics of my seedlings They are both 11days old but only 7 since they popped.

Jean Guy

Acid Dough


Ok please tell me if I’m tripping. Do my seedlings look sick. Is it normal to have shiny leaves like this



Something drip on the leaf?.. ((#Confused))… :thinking:

Other than the shine, they are really healthy… :wink::green_thumb:


No they came out of the seed like this. Both of them

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Updated pics. I’m proud to say they have both survived transplanting and have roots growing into the reservoir.

Acid Dough

Jean Guy. I just added Calmag to the mix hopefully that will restore the lush green.

Day 11 for both.


Hey @Mcmanis good move, hope you checked the pH after adding it? I know my cal/mag drops my pH levels by 2 and I have to pH+ every time. :wink:

PS don’t uses cheap $20 Amazon pH pen brands if you haven’t sourced one yet for your other grows. :+1:


It’s a 5 gallon res so I dont think the ph will be too bad with the calmag I out in it. Only put in 20mls


Updated Pics

Jean Guy

Acid Dough


25 days old

Acid Dough

Jean Guy


I found some sick leaves. Anyone know what this is???


Most likely pH fluctuations or imbalance which is usually the first thing to check when there are the first signs of plant or leaf stress. (Best solution is ensure pH is good before watering every time)

I don’t buy into the claim of pH perfect nutrients. (I think this is result to sell product to newbie growers) The moment you start adding other additives, grow enhancers or a world of other factors and products the pH changes. It may work if you don’t sway off their instructions and product line.


I may sound as I’m nagging, guess what? I am. :joy:

What’s Are the Benefits of Managing pH?

By maintaining pH…

  • plants are less likely to suffer leaf problems or nutrient deficiencies
  • without nutrient problems, cannabis plants can grow faster and produce bigger yields
  • occasionally growers are alerted to possible issues before they become a problem, for example if you determine the pH is too high or too low, you can fix it before your leaves start suffering from deficiencies

The main thing to remember is that maintaining the right pH at the cannabis roots helps the plant absorb nutrients. Why is that?

Nutrients take different forms (on a chemical level) depending on the pH around them. Some forms are easier for the roots to absorb than others. When the pH is too high or too low, the plant can show signs of a nutrient deficiency even when the nutrients are physically there at the roots.

With pH, you’re helping plants get access to all the nutrients all the time. While pH is important for all grows, it is most important for growers using cannabis nutrients. The way that liquid nutrients are formulated, they are highly available to plant roots, but only in the right pH range.

What’s the Right pH?

  • Soil – 6.0-7.0 pH
  • Hydro/Soilless/Coco – 5.5-6.5 pH



I checked my ph it was 5.8. My ppm is 600 everything is normal.


Check your water temp. Too high or too low can do all sorts of weird shit. That’s what I was dealing with I think so I had to add a chiller and my own air stone


Sounds like you got it covered. My magic spot is 6.0 for what it’s worth try to bump it up just a smidge. If all your temps and parameters are good just keep an eye on new growth. You could do a flush and then re-nute.


Updated Progress.

So I’m trying a manifolding technique due to my limited amount of space. 6 days ago I topped both plants. Basically cut them in half.

This is the progress in 6 days

I just cut them in half again for the last time.

My acid dough plant is lopsided. When I cut the first time I made a mistake due to my child thinking I was killing the plant and cut off the growth bud. But shes still thriving.

Growing outside the grobo is hard. You have to keep track of all the stuff yourself theres no trouble tickets.


Updated Day 37

Jean Guy

Acid Dough