Stages in a Grow Cycle


I have been reading up on various LST and HST techniques and when to use them. Now I’m trying to figure out the different stages of a grow cycle. Seedling, Early Vegatation, Flowering, etc. I would like to know all the stages throughout the grow cycle so that I know better when to time the training of my plant.







So it’s grermination ., early veg , veg , stretch which marks beginning of flower but for grobo it’s a different stage , then full flower, then flush , dry , cure, finished

I think veg stagecstarts after you see first five finger leaves


@chris_barfield Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for. You said veg starts after the 1st five finger leaves. Is that after a particular node appears? Grobo automatically shift to each stage depending on your recipe correct?


Hi @puchy,

Here is a sample 6 stage recipe:


Lights flip on day one of stage 4, transition. Hope this helps.


Does grobo flush cannabis?