Spots on leaves [RESOLVED]


I noticed a couple of days ago I’m getting some spots developing on some leaves and the roots look like they’re browning. Is this an early stages of root rot? If so does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? It seemed to start after I changed out the water/nutrients last Sunday.


@Brian_Hall did you take any pics of the root? It would help determining if root rot is present I had this issue early on in my grow.


Hey @Brian_Hall,

If you shoot me a ticket into I can take a dive into your unit data to determine if anything is needing troubleshooting. There are a couple products you can purchase to help you fight root rot likeHydroguard from Botanicare or Hygrozyme.



That almost looks like water was dropped on that leaf and dried out while the light burned through the water on the leaf if that makes sense



Those roots look nice and healthy.


I’ve uploaded a couple more pics, just waiting for moderator to approve pics first.
I don’t believe any water droplets fell on the leaves, the only thing that happened last weekend when I was changing out the water was that I didnt fully drain the tank before I filled it back up, but it was a small amount of water and we didn’t think it would effect anything. I do want to drain and refill a little earlier though so I’m thinking tonight or first thing in the morning.


Anything on the underside of the leaf? Looks like spider mite scaring to me…



Yeah I can get a pic of that


If you have a 60x or 100x jewelers loupe you can check if indeed they are spider mites:


Cool thanks, I’ll have to order one of those. What do you do if it is spider mites?


You can use been oil. Most any grow shop will carry it. Looks like this:


I would also cut the leaves affected and then spray the neem oil to hopefully kill them all. Alternatively if you can find live ladybugs in your area I’d throw a hundred or more in there.


Thanks for the photo, you are clear of spider mites, looks like a small pH issue. Can you please submit a ticket to and we can make some adjustments for you.



I believe I did already… what do you mean exactly by “ticket”?


Just an email that starts a ‘support ticket’ through our system. It allows me to match you to a unit and begin my investigation for you.



He just means sending a description of your issues along with photos to the address he provided the link to.


Okay, yeah I sent an e-mail a little less than an hour ago with the subject “troubleshooting”


Perfect, @GroboJason will be all over it then.



@GroboJason has responded through support, but I can add a quick update here too. I’ve made an adjustment to your pH in this and the next stage to allow for more calcium/magnesium to be absorbed. Remove the effected leaves when you can, they won’t heal.