Sour kush


Hey guys,

I figured I would share my first grow . I went with one of the recommended seeds , sour kush from Canuck seeds .

I’m on day 18 and I thought I would share a couple photos and probably keep updating in case any pros out there see a problem .

So far it looks great ,

Thanks for looking



@Rob you can push the back button for like 2 seconds it will put the grobo into photo mode. It will give you better pictures.


@Mcmanis thanks ! I was wondering that !





Here we are on day 25

Things are looking good , does anybody know around what days I should be looking to top this plant ?

Thanks for looking


You’re lookin for the fourth or fifth node


@Osage ha! Guess I better brush up on what a node looks like lol

Thanks dude



@Mcmanis thanks ! Just saw that on google .
Basically it’s where the branches sprout from .


Day 35 here

I think I see 3-4 nodes … I’m going to wait a bit longer before chopping her Top .


Hey @Rob,

Welcome aboard! Your young sour kush looks really nice and healthy, but a bit small. I recommend adding a week (at least) to your current grow schedule. Shooting an email over to @GroboJason at will make this happen. You can just reference this thread and he will know what’s up.

You can top her soon, then think about adding an extra week to help her recover from the shock of a haircut.



I just had my grobo completely go bezerk on me.

I went to open the door from the app , after looking at the plant I went to close the door . The lock did not engage … while I was trying to open another page and go to the app again the machine randomly started draining itself !!! What gives ? Has this happened to anybody else …water every where and I had to manually refil is this going to cause a problem ?


Never heard of this issue. Send in a support ticket immediately :+1::v:



I just did … it got me by surprise big time !


I’m a little apprehensive to just go and cut her .

You think she’s ready ?


So I topped her today , I hope I cut her right .

Hopefully we some some results from this …stay tuned !


My girlfriend just told me she thinks I cut too much …oops !!!


Hey rob, you did indeed take too much. If you hold what you took in your fingers by the “stem” and look directly down, it’ll be the smallest growth at the highest level of growth. Hope this helps if not watch a YouTube vid on topping cannabis plants. :+1::v:


Can you take a side pic as well please.


Ok side pic coming …yes newbie mistake …it’s just my plant looks different then the plants in the topping video . I won’t go so quick with the snippets next time .