Sour Diesel (First grow)

So for my first Grobo grow I decided to give Sour Diesel feminized seeds a shot. Here she is on day 17 (7 of 14 for early veg). Other than some WiFi connecting issues, things seem to be going OK. Now that she has several roots out I decided to add 5ml of HydroGuard during my last water change, even though my water temps are pretty good (averaging 67.5 degrees). Hopefully she continues to plump up! =)



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Looks good, wondering what your ambient room temperature is to keep the water so cool?

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The Grobo is in a basement which helps to keep things cool.


I just moved mine to the basement last night. Concrete floor will help keep things real cool! :+1::ok_hand:

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Little update:

She’s growing nicely. Now on day 23 (13 out of 14 early veg). I added a small hurricane fan just to move some air around. Interestingly, my water temps moved up a bit after the fan install…from around 67.5 to 68.9…odd. That was the only change that was made and water temps were pretty rock steady at 67.5 until the fan was added. Perhaps moving the warm air from the top (near light) of the unit and bringing it downwards is to blame. Also found some small brown spots on some leaves but I’m not worried just yet…lets see how it plays out. =)


Update: Day 4/14 of late Veg

Water temps are most definitely effected by the fan so Im ditching it for now. Here are some updated pics:


Update time!

I received my uber cool anti-smell machine from @KeefGreenLeef and its pretty rad. Keep in mind that its a home-made piece and not mass produced…but he really nailed it! Bye-Bye smells. =)

And of course a shot of the princess…hopefully getting close to topping her (little more time)