Something is wrong


My plant is wilting. My leaves are drying out not turning brown but turning hard like it’s not drinking. All my roots are floating in the water so they are wet. But the coco pod is completely dry should it be wet or moist?? Why is everything drying out.


The coco pod will dry as the water level is dropped in the res. To make more roots reach the water … the coco pod drying is not really a concern if your roots hit the water… as far as the leaves wilting and dying ? Are they fan leaves or cotelydons… those always die off… if your new growth is nice and green and full I wouldn’t worry too much… but if it’s fan leaves that are wilting and dying then might be an issue… but it’s hard to help diagnose without pictures of what your talking about


its fan leaves and new growth wilting.


Here’s a pic I just took

Its worst since yesterday also both of my fans are off. I have no bubbles from my air pump.


I know you sent in a ticket, but I’m betting it’s a ph issue


@Osage I’m so worried. This grow seems cursed. I really don’t want her to die.


She’ll be fine after Stephen gets ahold of the data and adjusts things accordingly. Don’t worry too much, she is a weed after and it takes a lot to kill them. Hell, I stabbed a hole in my girl and she’s still alive and kickin. :+1::v:


I hope @Stephen can find a fix what’s wrong. I dont want to lose this plant.


Agreeded with @Osage looks like a pH issue to me, nute lockout. Once your ticket is in they will check some things for you. Plants are resilient it will recover shortly after.


Thanks. Yeah shes not brown just stained


Hey Dom, I think the lesson here is leave your roots alone unless your plant is telling you something is wrong, and if and when she does tell you send in a ticket before looking at your roots. The data will reveal the issue. You shouldn’t ever, and I mean ever look at your roots in this system. You are chancing hurting your plant. Let the data and team grobo tell you what’s wrong. If they think it might be a root issue, they’ll ask you to take a couple pics. This will save you many headaches and worries. Just my advice.


I wasn’t referring to my roots. I was talking about my leaves. I dont touch my roots. If u see my close up pic my leaves look stained.



Let us know how your outcome turns out with your ((#SupportTicket))… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


No, I’m referring to the pics of your roots we’ve seen. :+1::v:


@Mcmanis I wouldn’t worry too much about the leaves looking down and Droopy. @rainstorm3 can vouch as well as @Azuri it seems when you’re first starting your grow inside a grobo I’m not sure if it gives our little plants too much nutrients at first but they’re very slow to start and don’t look pretty and happy. I had this problem and notice it with other users I know it looks concerning but trust me it will come out just fine and healthy especially as much care and time as you put into it I know you’re on top of your stuff to make sure everything is good. Keep talking with the developers to check your data and she will be just fine!


Jason had me do some troubleshooting. They wanted pics of my roots and asked me if they felt slimy. They didn’t. My ph was low. They sent a manual command to my grobo. They fans are back on and the air pump is working again. For some reason it keeps disconnecting. I have to reconnect everytime I drain and fill. The grobo didn’t detect that I drained only filled. So it didn’t release the nutes. I think everything is ok now. Only 2 leaves are crispy the other leaves are softening. My coco pod is a lil moist now since the water level is higher. It was like the desert before extremely dry. I’ll see tomorrow what response I get from the pics. I hope she keeps growing this is my only seed of Durban poison. I need to clone it.


Cut off the crispy leaves no point in waist ig energy to repair them … I add b vitamins and carbs to mine during veg to give it that quick growth and energy