[Solved] App issues?


I can’t logon the app or the website on my PC. Anyone else having this issue?


Happens a lot. Go threw WiFi reconnect.


Opps thought it was WiFi


Hi @ToddYYC,

Looks like you’re right about that - we currently have our top software developers looking into what’s happening right now




My lights went off and cannot get them on?


Cannot log on and my system says the there on line site is down


Until they restore the server you won’t be able to connect. @Chris appears online can you reboot Grobo server at your end or help?

Edit: My bad, I see you already repsonded above.


Lights on. Still can’t access site. But there working on it.
Great job


Hey All,

The app is back up now - I apologize for any inconveniences that this might have caused




Thanks for letting us know so quick !