Soil Auto Grow


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Day 10. Their roots were starting to grow through to the outside of the Jiffy pellet, so I decided to transplant without them having the 3rd set of cannabis leaves. Waiting on the humidifier. Trying different size pots just to see what happens. Pre-mixed and measured super soil grow from these folks. Being that this site says I can’t post a link, try looking up apotforpot :grinning:

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Week 2. Put the humidifier in place (@Osage Thanks for the link!). Keeping the tent around 45RH. So far, it’s using water at 1 gal per day. @Stephen I believe they have stop starving for light? Thanks everyone for the help :+1:


Blueberry Kush side and top view

Green Crack side and top view


Temp looks good you could bump rh up to 65, but where you’re at now is better than before :+1::v::joy:



Soil Auto Grow

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Hey @coffindancer,

This change of living arrangement will certainly help out. When I have early stretch like that, I’ll bury the pod and plant deeper so the leaves are an inch above the growing medium. Basically bury the stem. Careful now with your watering. This isn’t hydro like the Grobo, so you want a wet/dry cycle. Let those roots go looking when it dries out and reward them when you water. You will soon realize how nice it is that the Grobo automatically does many of these chores for you. (Adjust pH, EC and water)



Week 3. I think I see white hairs on the Blueberry Kush but these old eyes aren’t up to snuff. Evidently, neither is the camera. I fed some Myco Chum today. Over the last 2 weeks, temp is averaging 74F, RH average 47%

Blueberry Kush side and top

Green Crack side and top

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I feel like that’s odd that your seeing white hairs already? I could be wrong though


@Russel_Richardson They are both Autoflowering fems. According to the breeders, they are supposed to enter the flower stage at 3-4 weeks. Harvest in 8-10 weeks from sprout. I should be tasting the crop by mid July :grin: If I don’t screw up. They do appear to need some type of motivation in the growth area as they’re only a couple inches tall


This looks good @coffindancer, maybe shouldn’t see them yet but as @chris_barfield has mentioned this could be it just showing its sex getting ready to flower, keep an eye on her for sure!