Soil Auto Grow


Waiting on my Grobo, I’m doing an indoor, soil grow. Blueberry Kush Auto Fem from Nirvana and Green Crack Auto Fem from FastBuds. This my first attempt into growing anything from seed. 4.5 days after an 8 hour soak of the seeds and placed in a Jiffy pellets.

Blueberry Kush

Green Crack


What a difference a day makes :astonished:


Hey word of advice if you are growing auto flower and they really don’t like to be moved to much I suggest you put it in the pot you intend to leave it in for the duration of the grow any kind of stresses will stunt your growth :facepunch:t4::alien:



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Week 1 after sprouting. Watering the pods every other day but I think I’ll go every 3rd day for the next drink. My problem, when growing vegetables in the past, was over watering. Any tips from other growers is greatly appreciated :grinning:

2nd set of cannabis leaves. One more and it’s transplant time, from what I’ve read.


They are starving for light and really stretching. Can you put them outside where you are yet?



@Stephen Thank you for your reply. Had a frost this morning, so outside wouldn’t be good. I have been using a south facing windowsill. I have a 2’ x 4’ tent setup for after transplanting. It has a 400w HID light, digital ballast that takes both MH and HPS bulbs and also has a dimmer. Should I use this for the seedlings? Any advice on dimmer setting, use of MH or HPS would be appreciated. I’m a total newb at cannabis

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Yes, I’d get them in the tent asap.



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Moved to the tent


Humidity is too low

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@Osage Ok. What’s the fix?


Get something like this, that you can program:


@Osage Thanks :+1:

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On top of what Stephen said, I’ve seen in the past dropping the light lower so they won’t stretch for it might help… Any ((#experts)) please correct me if I’m completely wrong… ((#TY))… :wink:
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I placed them in the tent with MH lamp 14" from the plant tops. I was at %75 on the dimmer overnight to make sure there was no burn. Placed the dimmer at %100 this morning and did the back of the hand test. Besides needing a humidifier (@Osage, thanks!), any other suggestions are appreciated!

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Walmart has a much more affordable Dry mist humidifier and that’s what you’ll need to raise the ph safely

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Link please



It may be cheaper, but it’s still a cool mist humidifier like the one I posted, only the one I posted can be programmed for specific rh, and has a larger water capacity. It also has a timer and a light you can turn on to see the water level, and turn off when your girls are sleeping. I bought one of the Walmart cheapies like that one and quite frankly it was a pain in the ass. I’ll be sticking with the one I posted as it works waaaaaayyy better than that or any other Vick’s one I have seen and tried out! Tao Tronics is what I’m sticking with :+1::v::joy: