Smokers lounge anyone?


Anyone have any interest in a smokers lounge type of situation where we can maybe come up with a cannabis relevant theme for the night to discuss? I know a lot of us have different time schedules, but maybe it could be loose and fun where we discuss a days topic ir weeks topic? Let me know and if we can garner enough support, Iโ€™d be willing to be the organizer to get it going. Anything and everything about cannabis, no rules no holds barred. Iโ€™m in, how bou you??? :joy::joy::joy::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::+1::+1::+1::v::v::v:





Always looking for an excuse to go to canada


Totally game for this idea!


Sweet, letโ€™s come up with a topic of discussion we can focus on, what do you think


Iโ€™m game. All of you are way more knowledgeable then myself but I can at least learn.





Ok all, @Stephen asked me a question which I thought would be a great first topic. What am I going to cross my Dr. Grinspoons heirloom sativa with? Please provide a logical reason and what method you would use.


I say go way out into the fringe science field and mix it with an eggplant seed.


My first thought would be a pure Indica strain like northern lights!


You trying to cross with another sativa? If it was me Iโ€™d start off with a landrace strainโ€ฆ then work the line