Smell of Grobo? EDIT: Also, Quiet Mode?

Hello there.

I am new to the forum, and have been researching Grobos for a couple of weeks now.

I have tried to search on the forums about this but have only found some older links.

How bad is the smell in the late veg / flowering stage? I had read that some people thought it was pretty bad, but also read that there was improvements to the door seals and also possibly the carbon filters as well.

I also read that an ONA helps a lot… is this a legit way to help guard from the smell? What about getting like 4 of them to sit near the grobo? Would that be an even better way?

I am not concerned about smells other than in some kind of emergency setting, etc. Normal day to day, I don’t have hardly anyone over at my place.

Would love to hear from some of you guys and gals who have grown various cultivars as I’ve seen, especially some of the stinkier ones?

EDIT: I have also read that installing carbon filters and doing it yourself is also an option, but I do not really want to have to do that anytime near my first grow…maybe in the future though. The initial investment of Grobo is going to be enough for me to handle, as well as seeds for now.

EDIT: Also, can someone tell me how bad the sound level is? I really don’t think it will bother me, but I Only ask because like the smell thing, I had found some very vague information about an “improved” Quiet Mode… is this a thing?

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I’m about 50 days in and when I walk in the room I can smell it. Its not a strong smell that travels through the place tho. I’m sure during harvest the smell must be strong but can’t confirm yet until I get there.


I never notice the smell even though I haven’t changed my charcoal filter for three grows.
You dont want to put your ona close to your unit or even in the same room, it will change the taste of your buds.
As far as the sound many have stopped the low refrigerator sound by cushioning the pump or replacing it with another model.


i personally think its stinky in flowering and can be smelt anywhere in the house. But its just us


Could be your genetics are stronger than mine too.

What @ToddYYC said. My whole house smelled during flowering. It’s not an issue for me. We don’t have kids or very many guests coming over. I actually enjoy coming home from work and having that nice bud smell.


I have an AC unit in my grobo’s room (the kind that vents out the window) and it pushes the smelly air outside.

That keeps the smell contained in my case, in front of the door to the room there is no smell whatsoever, but once inside the room it’s stinky (toward end of veg/beginning of flower and through to end). I have been running my past few grows without carbon filters as it’s unnecessary for me; but they did help to reduce the majority of the smell when the unit was closed and I was using them.

About ONA gel – you don’t want this stuff to be too close to the grobo. It will imprint its own smell on things, including the buds – which makes them taste like perfume. You might’ve scored a bag in the past that smelled this way, that’s probably why. Some people say not even to keep it in the same room if you can help it. When I’ve used this stuff I take a scoop of it and put it in a plastic cup or something and leave it someplace near a drafty door/window (elevated so kids/pets don’t get to it) to help carry its smell around. That way the big container stays sealed longer and I can better gauge how many more scoops until I need a new jar.


The sound is hardly noticeable. Keep in mind that I do also have a water chiller going. As far as the odor, a few guys on here have made their own mods which are so cool! @KeefGreenLeef and @SWSVIC posts for their mods. I went with 2 from KeefGreenLeef and really like them. I also opted to get an external 6" fan + carbon filter to catch any remaining odor in the room.

I would definitely recommend the Grobo premium!

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Thanks everyone!

I appreciate the honesty! I think that over time I’ll be able to work on getting a carbon filter at some point.

I am going to order the Grobo Premium on Monday! :slight_smile:

Got the wife’s go-ahead tonight, so all systems go!


Yup stinks smell all the way down stairs

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After awhile you get immune to the smell that’s why alot of peeps think not that bad lol

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Honestly no living or sugar costing the situation but I fasho love my grobo😉


The smell certainly travels during late veg/flower. Even with my smell elimination mod which does kill all smell when the door is closed, once you open the door all bets are off haha.

The “drone” noise created by the grobo is not loud however I wouldn’t exactly call it quiet haha. I certainly would not it anywhere near the room in which I sleep.

All in all the machine is an incredible learning tool for novice growers and also great those who don’t have the time or ability to manage a tent grow. Being completely honest, if I were to go back and purchase now I would choose the “Solid” unit. The fluid glass is not clear enough to satisfy me when taking a peek and the bright light that it emits at night is less than covert. Furthermore, this forum and grobo support are worth their weight in gold. You are in good hands and you will many successful grows!



I am not too worried about when the door is opened as I plan on keeping it closed as often as I possibly can, and during days I know that no visitors are coming over I won’t have any problem opening it up and letting it smell a bit.

I had thought about the Solid, but I figured that I would really enjoy being able to peek at the plant and watch it go along it’s way as a visual. Obviously a close inspection is needed as well as changing water and making trims to the plant, etc as well as closer visual inspection to catch any problems early on. I think that I would get carried away with opening the unit too much and that would just invite even further contaminants I feel than the already assumed risk?

My solution is going to be to get some velcro strips and attach a piece of heavy light blocking fabric just big enough to cover the window to block any light that would escape, so I can easily un-velcro and remove when needed. I figured if I’m spending the $2000 already, I’d really hate to not go a little further and have the full features, cuz then I’d have to buy a whole new unit


To be clear the only difference is the fluid glass vs. solid door. The felt material covering is a great idea, I may do the same :+1::+1:.