Small Plant


I am on day 48 of a feminized white Widow seed which seems to be growing fine, however she is only about 6 inches maybe. Is it a bad seed?
I just got back from vacation and my house was cool for about 5 days. Could that have stunted her growth?


She does look kinda small for 48 day. I would get a ticket in to let @Stephen take a look at your data.

He will steer you in the right direction.

Perhaps a couple of extra weeks in Veg wouldn’t hurt to get her to an appropriate size prior to switching to 12/12 cycle.


I can see you took some leaves off at the bottom but it looks like you cut off a branch right above it too? I just see two cut stems is all and if that’s the case then maybe that affected height. Also one side appears to be missing a branch altogether. But if you didn’t do anything (I’m not saying you did lol :slight_smile: ) then maybe if it got cold while you were away stunted it somehow?


You are likely correct where I snipped too many branches. Do you think she is still healthy?


Oh yeah she still looks perky, doesn’t look like she’s dying or anything. But yeah maybe they can extend your veg by a couple weeks. I wouldn’t cut anymore branches off though. I’ve taken 10 maybe 12 leaves total and no branches on mine thus far mind you I’m only on day 31 currently


She looks very Healthy…


Update: Day 80. She is looks a lot better, and I believe may be close to flowering. I guess she will be ready by early Feb.


I’m debating on if I should take some
Fan leaves off or not. I think I should to allow light to the flower, but I am afraid to hurt her this late in the grow.


From what I have seen so far with my plant is that taking a few leaves here and there won’t hurt her at all. I saw 0 signs of stress when I give her a hair cut.

Trim away :slight_smile:


Small trim. I will wait a few days and see how she responds.