Skywalker Auto 2nd Grow

@Vicc it’s crazy how fast it grows really! Caught me by surprise @pyromancy thanks I’m being patient!


Incredible! The fast growth/bud progression is shocking. You’re on the home stretch to another top notch finish!


Wow, looking beautiful!

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Day 65 28/30 Flower. Harvest is right around the corner now! She’s looking beautiful and happy. buds have bulked up some and stretching finally stopped right up against the light but with the added support racks it helped keep her away some to help with burning. Have not performed much training whatsoever this round as to I learned she likes her peace and quiet. Trics are looking cloudy up top but still clearish down low where not much light can reach, bud are not as dense as last grow either but it still looks like a great run! I’m not sure if I should extend flower another week or just let her ride to flush and extend flush if needed by that time.
@SWSVIC @pyromancy @Vicc @SilverGrobo