Short plant


Question should my plant have grown taller by now ??

Day 38


It’s all depends on strain and genetics …If it looks healthy I wouldn’t be worried



I checked a picture of my plant at day 38 a different strain I’m sure but mine was the same height as yours but a bit bushier. :+1:


I would put in a ticket to They will check all your info and give you a check up… Good luck… :green_thumb:


@David_mendez here’s mine on day 34. I’d say yours is on par.

Day 34:


Ps: here’s mine today


See I think I’m over anticipating it I want mine to look like that xD. How many days ??


Thank you you guys rock I was starting to get worried :sweat_smile:strong text


@David_mendez day 76. A couple trims and some topping under my belt too. You have a ways to go but she’ll fill out!


Thank you :pray:


Id take some of those lower leaves off


@Bongsmoker89 yea for sure but I think she’s letting the plant do it’s thing the first grow !!


I see some spotting on the lower leaves, and some overall drooping. Are there spots under the leaves (underside)? If so I’d shoot a ticket to Stephen. Looks like you might have a slight ph issue


I’d hope he’s harvested buy now brah, it was 4 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lmao, didn’t even notice! :joy:




Wake and bakes get me every time :shushing_face::woozy_face::zombie:‍♂