Shipping delay at the US/Canadian border


@buchhorl Robert just my two cents you should hold out and wait from your Grobo to arrive. Consider many users pre ordered and had to wait months for their unit to arrive. It’s worth it ! If all else fails the GROBO team would make it right if a refund is what your pushing for. Custom exchanges can be finnicky. I know I’m happy just look at the quality that other users are getting from their units as well.


I appreciate all of that but mine is only a financial bind.
As soon as they can give me a solid delivery timeframe I will purchase it again. On social security I have to budget pretty closely and having that amount of money tied up for no ROI doesn’t work for me.
I am excited about the product itself and do look forward to having it, just not paying for something with an indefinite future.


I just want to share a quick update as we know these delays have been frustrating for everyone involved.

Your Grobo has been built!

The delays are only in shipping as we catch up on the backlog of orders. We expect 20 Grobos to ship to customers this week from our New York warehouse and many more units are already on their way there.

To receive an update on your exact order, you can message our support team at and they should be able to provide a more precise ETA for you.

We’re almost there. Thank you again for your patience!


:grinning:Received my unit today. :+1:Thanks to @GroboJason for his outstanding work. It arrived practically unscathed, packaging intact. Only had time to unbox it, give it a quick once over before leaving to travel for the holidays. Won’t get to become acquainted with it until after the new year :neutral_face: TBC
Cheers @bjorn


Priories brother, cancel holidays and get that plant going! Kidding, lol. Grats on getting the unit. :+1:





I have been told that my unit has indeed been delivered :). It was delivered on the day that I boarded a plane to NC for the holidays. I can’t wait to get home and get growing!


Darn holidays getting in the way lol
I just consider it a late Christmas present with a gift every 60-90 days :grin: If things go well, we should be close to the same grow schedule :green_thumb: :groboone: