Sex of plant?


Can you guys tell if this is a female, male or herm? I am at day 56 so I think I should be able to tell by now. I’m a noob so I’m still not sure how to tell.


Can you find any white pistols growing out the side ?





If you zoom in it almost looks like white pistols coming out but you would have to take a picture in a better view to really be able to tell…


If they are pistals they are coming out of the sides, not like in the cartoon picture above.

The pistals that are coming out are totally green and not white.


Nope. Only what seem to be green pistals


Hey @Gatorsfn28

I’ve tagged @Stephen for his pro eye. Just not enough picture to tell for my liking the one litle area I zoomed in does look like the start of a pollen sac to me I’m leaning to a male plant but see what the bossman says. :+1:


Here’s an example @Gatorsfn28

Obviously much further along but gives you an idea what to look for.


Hey @Gatorsfn28,

A bit of a better/closer picture would be helpful as @Azuri stated (thanks for the ping!) , but I’m gonna call this one a win. Looks like a female to me.




@Gatorsfn28 it’s a little hard to tel from your pic, but zooming in it kinda looks female? And if @Stephen is calling it then you’re golden. Haha.
Here’s a pic of what mine looked like when the pistils first started appearing for reference.


Does this look like it could be a hermi?


Any chance you can get us a few additional pictures?


Need better pictures or circle what you want us to look at if your phone has that ability…

From just looking at it looks like a new chute is forming which will eventually contain bud sites … but if your not seeing like little balls forming( they look like old video game Pac-Man) or banana shaped formations coming from the actual buds then it’s not a hermi or male …



in this shot, it’s still hard to tell… :thinking:


What do you guys think? I wanna swear I see a couple pistols-


Looks like a female to me I think i see the dualy hairs in the pic below.


YAY. I think so to @Azuri, I mean, it was all I asked for from Santa… lol


That’s a girl