Server issues this morning?


edit to add-I’m now sure this is a just us issue. Never mind
Is anyone else experiencing connectivity issues? The app and allgrowers pages seem to be intermittently down (server not reponding). As well as my grobo is having issues staying connected.


I’m good, must be area specific, although I haven’t yet gotten my notification for the drain and fill. I know it’s today, and eastern time so not really worried. Good luck though


Ha. Thanks. It was just a local wifi issue. But, I was worried because I was having LED issues the last two mornings in a row (support ticket already submitted) and I was jumping to conclusions thinking it was related. All good.


Notifications push out at 11:00pm EST time daily at least they do for me. Expect it later tonight. :+1:


Yeah, I’m Alaska time so 4 hours earlier


Yeah my WiFi isn’t connecting to the grobo either. Have the rapid blue light going all day today.



Pulsing light blue means your connected and good to go.

The LED light on the front of your Grobo shows the different states that your Grobo One is in. Below you can see what each colour and pattern means for your Grobo:

pink.png Pulsing Pink: Grobo One is booting up, your unit will be ready to start growing soon!

green.png Solid Green: Grobo One is ready to connect to the internet. Follow instructions on how to connect to WiFi.

light_blue.png Pulsing Light Blue: Grobo One is connected to the internet and running as it should be!

yellow.png Pulsing Orange: Grobo One is growing your plant but it’s lost the internet connection. You’ll only be able to use the Grobo app when your Grobo One reconnects to WiFi.
Otherwise these all look pretty good.

blue.png Pulsing Blue: Grobo One is in a special mode Ex. Filling, draining, door unlocked

red.png Solid Red: Grobo One has a critical error - if this occurs for longer than a few minutes, try rebooting your Grobo.

If that does not work, please contact our support team:

purple.png Blinking Purple: Grobo One is flashing new firmware. Firmware is like the brain of your Grobo. We will periodically push updates to your Grobo to better your growing experience, so you don’t need to worry about this one!



Yes @Azuri about the lights and patterns therein. However I did a deed have a pulsing light blue led on front door even though I (apparently) was off line. Weird, but a simple fix within the app I hope.


@Azuri. Before this morning I had a slower pulsing light. This is a now very rapid lighter blue light. I can not open my door or get the fluid glass to change from the app


@Gatorsfn28, if you need to get in your unit you can hold in the user button on back for 2-3 seconds. You probably already know that but you never know.



Try to unplug the unit for 30 seconds and see if the system reboot fixes your issues. If you can’t connect to the internet after the reboot and ensuring you have attempted to pair the Grobo with your network you’ll have to deal with and send a ticket in.


Holy shit @Azuri, you are the grobo whisperer. Worked!



Glad I could help!

Happy Growing!


Hey azuri, got my notification at 12 noon on the button.


Interesting, you said 4 hour difference so I guess they don’t all come out at the same time. Well count on them being at that time every day/week now. Obviously you don’t have to knee jerk and react or be there when the notifications hit, but yeah I geek out and do it the moment I get the notification, lol.

Here’s mine from last Thursday: