I finished my grow this week, and I forgot to put my sensors back in water. Can someone tell me which one is EC and which one is pH?


Hey @JBizzle EC is on your right, pH is on the left.


Which one has the crystal ball?


Hmm, I know the EC has 2 looking prong deals at the end.


pH has the ball looking sensor. Just an FYI if your pH sensor was allowed to dry out it may not function correctly and could require calibration or replacement. After you’ve filled the reservoir, send in a ticket and have the Grobo guys check your settings just to be sure.





Thanks y’all!
My pH sensor definitely has dried out because my wife tossed the caps when we opened the grobo :roll_eyes:
But, It will be a few weeks or month before i start another grow. @Stephen Looks like i’m going to need y’all to send me a replacement. Should I just start a support ticket when it’s time?
PS - The Trainwreck is still curing, but I’ve already tried some, and it is dankalicious


Hey @JBizzle,

You can try and re-hydrate the probe by letting it sit in water while not being used. Before you restart, shoot us an email to and we can check your data, and get you straightened out.