Seedling Stretching in Grobo 🤔

So Baby is stretching towards the light, which we know typically happens when the light source is too far or too weak, but despite not being the most powerful lights, the lights in our Grobos are supposed to be (and have generally proven to be) sufficient. Could there be another reason for the stretching, or is it possible that my light is dying?

(Edit: I’m on Day 8 btw)


I’m on day 7.


Starting my 2nd grow.

looks ok to me. Id attribute it to genetics.


I know it’s hard to tell, but I think mine is a straining towards the light a little more

Ok, I’ll try to relax for now :sweat_smile: It just looks different at this stage from the first time I grew this seed. But I guess each seed is different. Hopefully my light is fine :crossed_fingers:t3:


Each seed will definitely be different. Yours looks fine. Soon it will take off! I’m currently growing ilgm Bergmans gold leaf. Just finished a Blue Dream x White IX from seeds for me. Started a old white widow seed before that, it was a very slow grower… so I terminated it :frowning:

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Does it appear that any of the LEDs are “out”?

Dang, I don’t think I have the heart to terminate a grow, even if I know it won’t yield the best

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I don’t really know, they’re small leds stacked in rows, no? Feel like if they’re dimmer in some spots I wouldn’t be able to tell since I can only look at the thing for 2 seconds tops before feeling overpowered and averting my eyes :sweat_smile:

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It was hard… It was severely stunted though.

I asked Grobo about ordering extra lights. I order extra of everything else. Waiting on a response.

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Did you see my last grow? This was it after refusing to terminate and seeing it through all the way to the end …



Ive never seen one flower that is that tiny haha

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Umpa Loompa by Willy Wanka Genetics! You’re loyal AF I’ll give you that.


Wear sunglasses :sunglasses:

An (expensive) gift from the gods :muscle::grin:

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I took a pic instead lol

My girl is sleeping, also I believe the lighting would be different as I am further along in the grow. Can anyone do us a quick favor and snap us a pic of their light and post it here to compare? (Preferable someone in germ or early veg.) :pray: @pha720 if you’re unit is still on, you mind lending us a hand?


I’m sure it’s just the cultivar. Looks good and healthy to me. If it was the light issue I think you would see more of a pale green, almost wanting to be transparent stem. That to me is more of a sign of overreaching for the light, just keep a close :eyes: on her :+1:

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