Seed question


I have 6-8 seeds that I purchased but they aren’t feminized or auto - any suggestions to help me avoid going Farther than I need to with a seed that may be male? If I have to wait until they flower, can I grow two and pull the plug on the males? For all I know, all my seeds are male but I’d like to find the fastest way to make that determination and move on to another trial. Thanks in advance for any input!



Great question. There are 3 basic ways to tell if you have a female. One method is height. If starting many plants from seed, usually the tall ones are male and the shorter ones female. This is only if you are popping many seeds of the same strain. Another method is early sexing by looking for calyxes. You can look where the branches meet the stem of vegetative plants after they have been growing for 3 or 4 weeks. You are looking for very small, pod shaped organs here. The third method is to force flowering early and then place the plant back into vegetative stage once you have determined it’s a female. I don’t recommend starting two plants at once in the same coco pod, as they will fight for space and resources and one will vastly out perform the other.



Is the grobo apo set up differently for feminized and auto seeds?


Hey puncy,

Yes it is! I find the feminized seeds work best, as I’m able to control their height with spectrum and photo period, whereas with auto seeds I lose the ability to adjust w light. That being said, if you have autos, you simply select one of our auto recipes. Keep an eye on the height though, and have your scissors ready.


@Stephen I wanted to ask about the sativa seeds will the app go in-depth or a video go out I’m just wondering if we get alerts about trimming and certain things to watch for being a novice grower I know the grobo is geared towards a set it and forget it type setup but I realize there will be occasions and what certain plants where you have to put a little bit of extra TLC I was just wondering how
it would be explained


We are currently working on putting in robust notifications that help educate you about the growing process, and prompt you to do something with your Grobo to ensure you have a great harvest. Watch for the update coming soon. I’m not sure about upcoming videos, but it’s a great idea.