Seed Hoarders- Post your new seeds here!

Currently have a strain called Modified Grapes in my daily rotation, it’s make-up is GMOxPurple Punch and I think the particular pheno I received leaned towards the Purple Punch. Honestly might be my favorite strain at the moment, crazy bag appeal, amazing flavor & smell, and the effects are perfect for winding down after work. Effectively replaces drinking alcohol which is something I find very useful.


Now I’m torn between that and the CBD Critical being the next grow. Definitely wouldn’t mind having something to help wind down instead of however many drinks it takes. Definitely like the idea of the 8% THC and CBD of the Critical. First world problems fore sure! Maybe I’ll do the purple punch and wedding gelato in the tent, Critical in the Grobo lol.

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My friend sent me a bunch seeds that he’s been working on, they are almost commercial ready. Pretty excited about these, I may pop some of them after my next tent run. The company name is Metro Bros, and should be launching soon.

  • Underdawg D x Do Si Dos
  • Underdawg D x Wedding Cake
  • Underdawg D x Starfire Cream
  • Underdawg D x Pineapple Expess


Hi All,
Got some seeds in today from ILGM went with the Bonza mix, Durban Poison/Banana Kush/ Sour Diesel.
Thinking about the future lol :sunglasses: