Sea of Green Screen


I am looking for a metal pre formed screen that fits into the bottom of the grobo. I saw a picture of one in one of the grobo drying shots on the main page of the canadian site. Can anyone tell me where I could purchase such a screen to train my grow?



@Azuri, purchased a shelf unit from Walmart I think and cut it down to size. Give em a shout and he’ll point you in the right direction :+1::v::fist:





Yep, spot on silvergrobo. Guess my memory’s not as bad as I thought lol


Yeah It was me, the holes were a bit to big though I’m keeping my eye out for the next thing I can Macgiver.


Can you write out detailed instructions and measurements for the cuts and how to place the magnets and what the pins look like?


Hey @Andyrmt

Yeah, it was pretty crude production I didn’t write any sizes down. Grabbed the shoe rack measured the inside of the grobo and then with a pair of snips just cut a shelf of that rack just slightly smaller so it fit in.

Lastly i used the Grobo drying rack magnets to hold at the height I wanted to be at. That was pretty much it. :+1:


I’m going to Walmart this weekend to get that sorted out too. I will be on the lookout for smaller holes too per you rec.


@Andyrmt just like @Azuri don’t be apprehensive to mess around come up with a solution on your own. The Forum is a great place to get feedback of course and suggestions. I ended up making a cover for the front of the door because the light was so bright at night came out of the necessity for me. No right or wrong it may not be perfect but it works same with @Azuri he made something he needed may not be perfectly measured but it doesn’t have to be it just has to work for you. :slight_smile: I don’t consider myself at all handy but this fancy machine has had me wanting to make it work the best way I think it can!



When the plant wakes in the morning, I’ll try to measure the inside of the Grobo for you to give you a rough measurement to cut any racks you decide to make… Depending on the magnets you decide to use as well will vary the fit… :wink:


Another way to support your plant… :wink:







@alucard Heres to that!