Scotch Bonnet


Also known as the Hot Caribbean Pepper, this one is coming in nicely. Our Lead Designer Jason has agreed to eat any hot peppers I grow in the Grobo One. :exploding_head: Good luck buddy, I’ll have the milk ready…


We need pictures: before and after eating :joy:


I was a lot braver when I made this commitment before seeing these. Video coming soon. :grimacing:


Hey Jason…


This is going down today folks.


Well, he is a man of his word. Check out this video of Jason eating the Grobo grown Scotch Bonnet.


An inspiring move! Several employees tried the Scotch Bonnets from the Grobo. I tried a Bubblegum Peach Ghost Jami Chilli that was absolute fire. I’m really glad that wasn’t captured on camera. :joy::sweat_smile::yum:



I mainly want to grow scotch bonnets too but can’t find them anymore on the burpee site. Can we use any scotch bonnet seeds and then select the same recipe from the app? If not, can you suggest any alternatives? All advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi randish7,

You can absolutely use another scotch bonnet seed other than Burpee. The recipe covers all brands of pepper, not just the Burpee ones on the description.

What are you planning on making? Hot sauce?



Awesome thank you so much! We’re from the West Indies so we love to add it to our recipes and also to make a pepper sauce. Thanks again!


@randish7 send me some of that sauce when you make I love spice I’m def the guy who goes to the chicken wing spot and says give me the hottest you got … I hate it in the morning though hahaha




I made a batch of hot sauce that the office here loves!

Roasted peach bubblegum jammy peppers, scotch bonnets and jalapeno. Added garlic, a bit of onion and fermented it for 3 weeks in a sugar/salt brine. Remove from brine and blend. Add one banana, red wine vinegar and a pinch of brown sugar to taste.

Brought in 3 bottles…

Going to need a new batch soon!!

Spicy Stephen


Would love to make some of this !!!


Lol… scotch bonnets are def not mild. Good luck eating them straight.