So I flipped my plant too late. Shes too tall I’ve super cropped 3 times shes still too tall. Other than super cropping again what can I do. Shes like 1/2in from the light my leaves are starting to burn and my buds aren’t getting bigger I guess because of the heat stress. I finally got my chiller set up so that will fix my water temp issues… any ideas.

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pull pod down?

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Knowing @Mcmanis she probably already has! Good answer!


This is outside of my grobo. This is in my rdwc. Cant lower net pots.


Oooo. Any way to angle the light or hang it somewhat vertical. Send photo of light setup.

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True but is there any way to guide/train the leaves to the right or left after they get so high? Without stunting growth of course. What happens if the light is moved under the plant? @Mcmanis remember I’m not a user or a grower so this may be a crazy question but indulge me for the sake of learning? Lol!


I’ve seen ppl hang vertical at a slight angle, that’s all I got other than what you said already and super crop more.


You could “chop” those that are too tall, but you’ll end up extending grow for sure. I’d keep super cropping your branches away from center, then keep super cropping in a circular pattern. While you’re training your branches to grow in that circular pattern, new growth should start growing vertically from there


My light it literally on the roof of my tent. I just have to supercrop some more. I got 6 weeks left of flowering. I will just trust my judgment next grow and flip sooner lol.


If you passed three weeks she’s not gunna stretch anymore spread branches as wide as you can or invest in quantum boards that can be 6 inches away from the canopy