Salve from trim


Has anyone in any of their grows made a salve from their trim? Or just from the bud. Or a mixture of both?

I’m not sure the trimmings from One plant would be enough, maybe for small batch. I might try. I saved my trim so far (was only 30g wet weight) so it was very little. After decarb it would probably only be a couple grams. So would prob need at least 10g dry weight to even make it worth while to make a batch.

Thoughts? Experience?


Does this help?.. :thinking:


Thanks @SilverGrobo I’ve looked it up extensively, but wanted to know if anyone here had actually had experience doing it.

When I harvest I’ll be making a salve/rub anyway. So I’ve saved all the trim and will be using some of the bud in a coconut oil and beeswax base. We shall see how it turns out!


Well, I used all the popcorn bud and all the trim that I had saved and then decarbed, and made my first batch of CBD oil turned into a topical salve. Turned out pretty darn amazing If I do say so myself. By my estimate each jar has about 50mg of CBD oil in it.

I used coconut oil as the first medium, then to make the salve I used:
Pure beeswax
Vitamin E
Essential oils

I’ve tested on my chronically sore shoulder and hamstring, and it’s awesome. Definitely comparable to lotions I’ve previously spent $30-$75 per jar on.

Next up will be CBd lip balm :+1:t4::+1:t4:





Hey @rainstorm3

I live in a recreational use bubble. I love to hear positive medicinal uses for the product I enjoy so much. Thanks for sharing!


Hey @rainstorm3,

Job really well done!! I find many of our growers are also ‘makers’ or brewers or foodies. It’s so satisfying right!?


I make cbd tincture for my 13 year old yellow lab. He has arthritis in his hips and old puppy injuries. Twice a day in his food, 3 squirts. He’s doing so well:)) also have made salve and tincture for my old injuries and arthritis. It helps so much!:))