Rusty root?


I am on day 8 and just did my drain and fill. I know the community is going to scold me but I did look in tank made sure it was dark. I noticed around the holes where the tubing for the nutrients goes into and on a few spots on the long root that has grown there is brown rust looking stains. There are really only two visible Roots I can see the one long one that’s wrapped around the tubing and a smaller . I am only on day 8 so I shouldn’t have any nutes being dispensed I tried to make sure that I had cleaned the unit properly before planting. Should I be concerned before I even start really growing I was concerned seeing all the rusty looking spots around the tank.


After doing some more research online it definitely looks like root rot. The thing is there seems to be more of the rusty looking substance around the areas where the nute tubing goes than the actual root.The root that is showing some rot on it looks very healthy color-wise it is nice and white and long it has some spots were there Brown is on top of it. I’m thinking I caught it kind of early I just don’t know how to get it off the best way. My seedling looks great it is growing healthily as far as the leaves are concerned it looks good and I have been monitoring the growth it is steadily growing up I’d like to be able to salvage it as everything looks great so far asides this brown slime trying to intrude. I’m not sure if the root wrapping around the nute tubes bothered it or what.


I know we’re not supposed to mess with the roots and all, but in case of concerns, we should be sure that we actually have an issue… If you are seeing rust on your roots, or is it nutrient discoloration… send in a :ticket::tickets: Ticket with a picture of the rust, and the SupportTeam should get back to you… Keep us in the loop with your outcome… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Before you label root rot check and see if it’s some of the nutes dispensing directly on the root … that happened to me and it was just staining my roots … also if it is root rot don’t stop grow grab some beneficial microbes like orca , mammoth p , or hygrozime and introduce that to your rank and it will clear it up … I add mychorizae or however you spell to my tank even without root rot as it helps to keep the tank steril and the roots stay healthy which means more nutrient uptake … try those out I personally use orca and will
Be switching to mammoth p when this bottle is done … hygrozime is a good one to by Botanicare




@SilverGrobo @chris_barfield upon inspection this morning it looks like the fresh water fill brushed off much of the gunk that was on the root and on the nute tubing housing . I didn’t notice that the nutes were being dispensed and I should not be dispensing yet there yet that should be in like another two days where I start getting nutes. There was a lot more rot/ gunk ? last night when I was checking so I’m glad the water kind of took care of some of it I will still put in a ticket just to have them look.


Invest in beneficial microbes man especially living in Florida with the heat and humidity just saying …


@chris_barfield the Grobo team suggested I add hydroguard do you think I should add microbes in as well? I’m going to the hydroponic store today.


That’s the product I was talking about I was typing the wrong name lol



Okay @chris_barfield I’m picking some up in a few hours. Thanks for the suggestion!


I was looking into the mycorrhizae you suggested @chris_barfield I was think8mg of using in conjunction with Hydroguard figured it wouldn’t hurt.:man_shrugging:t4: