Royal gorilla and mystic cookies


Ok all, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Had a great deal of issues with my unit, but think I’ve got most of the kinks worked out. I also have a small soil grow going which I’ll show as well. In the grobo is a mystic cookies, and in the soil grow, on the left is royal gorilla and on the right is mystic cookies. I planted the soil grow a week later than the grobo, but the lack in foliage growth is due to her focusing on root growth and development. First the grobo grow then the soil:

Now soil:



((#TheyAreAlive))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


Fine you fkrs lol here she is now:


Very symmetrical!


Yep she keeps up she’ll be a beast for sure. She spent most of the past couple weeks focusing on root growth! They are awesome


Here are my girls now. Showing both my soil grow and grobo. I planted the soil grow a week after the grobo grow:


We’re gettin there:

Grobo grow is slow as fk, but my soil girls are doing well. Slightly over fed her yesterday, and saw signs of nitrogen toxicity, but she recovered overnight. Just added a bit to much nutes so I’ll scale back down tomorrow or next day when she needs another feeding. Lots of bud sites and I topped a few more just after taking pics. Another week or two and I’ll flip her’


I see you are using an airpot. hows your experience with that? i saw those a while back and wondered how they really hold up under realworld circumstances instead of a promotion video.
is it positivly affecting plant health?
does it help prevent root rot?
does it increase yield due to an overall stronger plant?
is it a helpful addition to your growing routine?


Truth be told, I love em. You do have to water more often, but the air pot is forgiving on those of us who can be heavy handed when feeding. I sometimes tend to over water, but with the air pot you don’t have to worry about that. Plant grew faster, bigger and stronger. :+1::v:


Good thing I already have 2 20L airpots sitting right next to me. Glad they work out for you so well, sounds like they are rather beginner friendly.


On that I would agree, but they do dry out quickly, and therefore are susceptible to salt build up from nutes. My way around that is to give her a good flush a week before I flip to flower. It’ll flush all the salt buildup and create a clean slate for flower. Once in flower though, I expect I’ll be feeding her pretty much every day. As it is now she (my girl in the air pot) goes through a gallon every other day. Quick tip for ya, buy some of those puppy pad things for when you feed. Place one under to sop up the over flow. Works great and you save on paper towels or washing towels etc. also I think they would work great in the auto pot rather than their fabric pot :+1::v:


Here’s an update on my soil girls:


Oh and that’s last day of week 3 in flower. Missed a couple pics: