Roots are looking brown

Just checked on my grobo and my plant. The roots are looking brownish but the plant looks healthy. What should I do? I’m 38 days in and am starting on the flowering stage. Should I extend late veg or am I good to start flowering based on my plants progress? Thanks !


As a general rule we tend to extend late veg until it hits the top fan before moving to the next stage.
P.s. Your roots look healthy!


So I should extend late beg until it hits the bottom fan or top fan?

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Not the bottom fan, the second fan… Like these…



That’s in flower not veg


If your referring to the pics your right, just a point of reference.

Any idea what your water temperature is, or what the high/low points during day might be?

The one thing that stands out to me (besides the brown spot, which may or may not be of concern) is how the lateral (secondary) root branches look “stubby” – they start to come out and then stop. When I saw this with my plants, it was coupled with slow growth up top and twisting in the roots and was due to root rot. I hope that’s not the case here but monitoring your water temperature is an easy way to rule it in or out (if it is over 70° most of the time and hits 72° at all).

I also noticed in your first pic that the low fill sensor is flipped (it’s not floating). This means your plant has been drinking water and needs you to keep it topped up. If you notice the water low like that I’d recommend to do a “fill” using the app (without draining, just top it up) unless you’re about to do the weekly drain/fill.

If you think the water might be a bit warm, you can mix in some water that has been cooled in the fridge to compensate; I do a 50/50 split of room temp + fridge temp water when doing a drain/fill and always take from the fridge to do a top-up but that’s more of a band-aid than a solution.


Thanks I appreciate it

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