Root Rot


Started developing root rot a few days ago and picked up some Hydroguard to combat the problem. I went ahead and dropped about 2ml in there today since the water seemed pretty low. My overall concern is if Hydroguard will effect the pH levels and if we need to make another adjustment?


Looks healthy now! Be aware that bottle #5 can stain your roots which some have mistaken for root rot in the past didn’t see yours prior. The roots aren’t happy in the light so do your best to avoid exposing them to light. Sorry I can’t answer the question if the product you used changes pH but if it does the Grobo will detect and adjust. :+1:


I can answer this as I use many additives in my grows with the grobo. The ph doesn’t matter simply becuase your unit is constantly looking over ph … so when you add that to the tank the unit will get the solution back
To the correct ph


This pic was taken a couple of days ago, it’s hard to tell from this phot but the roots are brown and twisting.


Good tinnnow, thank you.


Your roots look good an it’s ok if they have a creamish color … my last grow was from soil then I transplanted to the grobo and my roots suffered turned brown … I used beneficial microbes and a product similar to hydrogaurd and never missed a beat