RIP Maui


RIP Maui.

It was a good fight, but tonight I’m pulling the plug on her and will start with a new grow tomorrow.

We gave it a good fight, but alas. Root rot took her out and I haven’t seen any improvements to her over the past week. Time of Death: 6:44pm.

Thank you to Dr @Stephen and Chief Suegeon @bruno for trying to help keep her alive! Tonight I’ll mourn, tomorrow, I’ll plant her brother, a Pineapple Chunk seed, who I’ll name “Dwayne”

In preparation of my new plant, is there anything I should do to help my new little guy thrive? A new drain and fill of the water i’m assuming? But is there anything else? I’d hate to have two plants in a row come down with “The Rot”



Hey @SterlingNico

Intern Azuri here!

My I suggest you scrub up prior to the next birth of a seed. (Clean reservoir with mild vinegar and water solution) Ensure there is no residue left prior to filling.

Ensure your PH pen is in tap water at the very least to ensure it doesn’t dry out while you set up for the next grow. If you’re not sure which is the PH sensor then put them both in a glass of water with them still attached to the wires, It won’t harm them.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Edit: Updated with correct info.



@SterlingNico, not an inturn, but a nosey neighbor I guess. With the best of intentions of course(not withstanding the old saying about intentions), but I would also soak your new bean in ro water for about 24-36 hours until the tap root shows herself. This will speed up the process of germination and help her to get better situated in her new home. @Azuri is absolutely correct in that you should clean your unit out first and soak your meters. @Stephen, when would we need to recalibrate said sensors? I haven’t seen this question or a topic with it covered. Might be a good time to inform or at least start a new topic regarding recalibration.



@SterlingNico RIP Maui, you will be missed :disappointed_relieved:

@Azuri correcting one thing you mentioned - pH probes should avoid being stored in distilled water. Tap is actually much better for them and, if you can, get some pH probe storage solution to put them in





Thanks @Chris

Noted, and good info!



Great point @Chris! The probes life will be drastically reduced if sitting in RO or distilled. Keep that cap around with the liquid in it. If you run out of the storage solution, or spill it, replace with tap water.



Hey @SterlingNico,

I’d give the dwc tank a quick wipe down with vinegar/water, then a good rinse. That will give you a nice clean & fresh start for your next grow. I’m putting together a cleaning guide soon!




@SterlingNico for ((Maui))…
:hole::coffin::cry: ((RIP))…

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Doesn’t it sit in distilled or ro water through the entire grow?

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@Wolf the Grobo automatically adjusts the water immediately so that it doesn’t have a low PPM (or EC) value as soon as you do a complete reservoir change. This prevents the probes from degrading





This explains it better, I was wondering that exact same question!

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