Reuse pod?


Hi this is my 2nd failed grow and I believe it may be the seeds I am using. Going to try for the 3rd time. My question is can I reuse the pod as I believe there is no contamination just a seed that didnt pop?
As always thank you


Hi @Blackthumb you should be fine to try again with the same pod if it still looks mostly the same as when you got it (e.g. no tearing of the pod, etc.)

Are you ensuring that your Coco Pod is below the marked link in the water tank cover? Is your Coco Pod mostly moist through the duration of the germination stage?




The pod look great the bottom is wet and water is bubbling. I inspected the seed and the white root is just barely visible. It’s been about 8-9 days. No sprouting.


So your seed popped but the root never took?




Yes I believe so. My first seed didnt sprout at all. My 2nd has a very small white edge. From the video others shared with mre on the forum it def should have sprouted. I’m extremely new to this so I just figured user error


Hey @Blackthumb try one more time and if you’re unsuccessful then reach out to us at - your unit seems fine from your description so it might just be bad luck with the seeds you have (seeds typically have a 60~80% germination rate)

I’m going to ping @Stephen to see if he has any other advice for you with regards to starting your grow




Thanks @Chris & Welcome @Blackthumb,

Sounds like your environment is perfect for the seed to pop, unknown seeds with unknown storage/age are dubious sometimes. Fresh seeds from a reputable seedbank/breeder will often pop in 12-36 hours and start strong. A tip to help your seed have a fighting chance:

  1. You want the coco pod to be damp, but not soaking wet. Once enough moisture is absorbed by the shell casing and the seed is able to pop, we want to slowly challenge the roots to explore for water. (Thus growing in the process) So if after a couple days and a peek into your coco pod your seed has popped, raise is a bit in the lid to dry the top portion out a bit, and see if those roots will shoot down.

  2. Some strains just start very, very slowly. I have seen the odd seed take 10 + days to emerge and get growing, but they are often behind in size and I usually cull them and start again.

  3. I noticed you are running the Cannabis - Auto - Generic recipe. Are you using auto seeds? If not, you won’t ever get to harvest as our Auto recipe is not photoperiod dependent. (I don’t turn the lights off long enough like the other recipes). I recommend the Cannabis - Hybrid - Generic recipe instead.

Good luck with this next round. Might want to check these out…50% off!


@Blackthumb, I also notice that you are not draining and filling your unit. When you plant your next seed and select a recipe, you must:

  1. Top up the water level on day 3. This is simply adding water (FILL) to the unit. This helps the germination stage.

  2. Completely DRAIN and then fill your unit every 7 days. This is when your plant food is added to your reservoir. I’m seeing you fill, but not drain, and your EC is very low. This won’t hurt germination yet, but will decrease the life of the pH probe.

Good luck!


Hi Stephen. I did receive the notification to drain and refill that’s when I inspected and noticed no sprouting. I chose to abandon and start over again. I only have it running still to keep sensors wet til I get home to swap out the seed tonight. I also noticed on this and my previous seed that the first notification to fill did not accept any more water. It was still at the full mark. Figured I wasnt losing anything to evaporation


Hi @Blackthumb,

Yeah, if the unit doesn’t need any more topping up, it won’t. Keep following those notifications, they really help. Let me know if I can help with the next attempt. I’d be digging into the coco pod after 3-4 days if I haven’t seen any green.



Hi Stephen
Just wanted to give quick update. I tried to pre soak another seed then transfer to paper towel method with no lick. I almost got discouraged but opened my dinafem seed knowing they would be high quality and immediately put in the existing pod. I am happy to report that I already have growth and its looking good. I’m very excited


Hi @Blackthumb,

That is great news! Seeds can be finiky, but I’ve always had good success with Dinafem. Keep us posted on your progress.