Reducing humidity ideas beyond the obvious. Ie aircon & dehumidifiers


FYI Bohan (@bohanzheng) is Grobo’s firmware developer - he writes all the code that the Grobo executes




This is great info. I always did it manually(power only went out once) but if it happens again I’ll wait and see :+1:


Oh and it’s a pleasure to meet you!!


Pleasure to meet you too and thanks for the feedback!


@bohanzheng is there a way you can have page setup to show us patch notes like they do for video games or iOS updates … I’d love to know what’s changing in our grobos just because I’m nosey !!!


Where did you find that tape?


Hardware store. But you can get it off amazon, eBay and or probably Walmart


Mines at 59. So guess now I’m gonna have to run out and by a 200 dollar dehumidifier. Little disappointing for sure


Hey @Bongsmoker89,

I’d walk and not run to get a dehumidifier. You can have a great grow, even if your humidity is higher than recommended. Unless you see issues arise (powdery mildew), you should be fine. I know many that do not control humidity and still have success.



Agreed. A few degrees in either direction usually not a big deal, but if you live in a region like myself (Ketchikan ak, tongass national forest region) where we have an average rain fall of 153 inches a year :scream::scream::scream: yep inches or 388.62cm per year humidity will at some point be an issue. Only been here a few years, but will be moving after my daughter graduates high school in two more years. Too expensive here and too much freaking rain. A regular large cheese pizza starts at $30 and people are stupid enough to pay it lol. Bit of a tangent there but what the heck


Oh and the shops are getting $20 a gram all day long and 23-25 dollars for “ top shelf” which isn’t really top shelf at all but peeps up here reall don’t know.


South tip of Alaska eh? More rain than snow makes sense, never really thought about how far down the West coast Alaska stretches.


Yeah, lived in Northern New Hampshire growing up so snow’s no problem, didn’t really think there’d be this much rain and basically no snow. Not to mention the basically 24 hours of darkness in winter can be a drag, unless you have a bunch of plants to look after and keep you happy


Hey @rouleauj (edit: @chris_barfield - my bad) - that’s a good idea; I’ll discuss with the software and firmware teams as to what we can do on that front




@chris_barfield that’s a great point :metal:. As @chris said I’m going to review this with my leads to see what we can do


Reason I ask is because usually when my iPhone updates I never really know what’s different until I go to site and then boom there’s like hundreds of things that’s different and functions I didn’t even know I could do … figured there might be things the grobo allows us to do and we don’t even know… also maybe separate thread from @Stephen and everyone else at the team for like “grobo hacks” and example would be @Azuri lst he made … just so others can reference and copy … i know I speak for myself when I say I’m far from the diy type of guy lol


This is good to hear. I haven’t bit and bought a dehumidifier yet. My humidity was around 65, and I have since been able to get it around 50-55 without, and am just watching for issues on the plant itself. Living on the wet-coast I feel like humidity is always going to be an issue.


I should also add that to control the heat/humidity from rising I have also set my lights to be off during the day, and on at night when it’s cooler (I am now on 12/12 flowering)


Yeah humidity at that level doesn’t concern me, Victoria weather has the dampness for sure. Extreme heat is the main issue and it’s not uncommon to have a RH of 80% or 90% with 35C heat in Southern Ontario during the summer, plants not so happy. No choice but to get AC and not just for the plant it’s incredibly uncomfortable for humans.