Reducing humidity ideas beyond the obvious. Ie aircon & dehumidifiers


Hey all,

I am having humidity issues and can’t afford an expensive air conditioning unit or expensive dehumidifier. I do have a dehumidifier on the way, but I figured I’d start this topic to generate ideas beyond the obvious. After some research I came across a couple ideas I’ve never tried. First is to buy coconut shell charcoal and do on or two things. Since charcoal helps eliminate odor, and pulls in humidity from the air, I’m going to get some and put it in a fine mesh bad and hang it in the grobo (in such a was as no charcoal dust blows everywhere. Second will be to put some in a big bowl in the room. Next thing I learned is that rock salt will also pull moisture out of the air (think when you put a wet phone in rock salt, or rice) put salt in a bowl/container with holes in bottom place that in another bowl with room between the two. The salt will pull moisture out of the air and will drop into the bottom container as water. Lastly after just realizing that yes rice pulls moisture really well, I might just start with rice in a fine mesh bag. Any other cool ideas are welcome and hoped for.


Yeah I’m not putting a window unit in my house look like I live in a trailer trailer park then. Shouldn’t have to blast the ac on icebox to prevent the grobo from getting to hot little disappointed in that aspect for sure.


I really think I can control my humidity issues hanging a mesh bag of rice in my unit on a magnetic hook. Ima do it tonight or tomorrow. I think the only issue with it I’ll have is how much rice. I don’t want to eliminate humidity completely. It’ll be another fun learning experience. Stay tuned :+1::joy::rofl::scream::beer:


The hottest I’ve seen mine was 86 degrees


Sorry brother, but I’m talking about humidity, is that what you meant? percent as opposed to degrees? 86% humidity is freeking high unless it in a clone box.


No temperature. Temp and humidity go hand in hand though. My humidity is like 45ish


45 for humidity is fine, 86 is a bit high. what stage are you at?


The stage where it’s growing lol. Vegetative state day 30 n half


Smart ass :rofl:


Here’s a diy idea. Let’s see if it works. It’s something like silica, which pulls moisture out of the air. I put some in a nylon sock I cut up. Tied the end and put a plastic bag to catch any drips. Hung on magnetic hook. Just did it and my humidity was at 64%. Let’s see if it woks.


Fkn didn’t work. Good thing my dehumidifier arrived


If you’ve not used one the amount of water they take out air is shocking. Problem is they blow out warm air so it doesn’t help with temps if you’re struggling with that as well.


Yeah have used one in the past here in ak, and fkn right they pull a shit ton of water out of the air. Only then I was using it for a rather large space (100 plants) and it did a good job but I realized in that large a space it really needed to be industrial. I was hoping this part of it would be easier. Swy I bought the fkn thing.


Well those ideas shit the bed. None of em really worked, maybe with more time, but too worried about my girl. She’s been through enough stress for now, so here is the unit.

And my temporary light leak fix :rofl::scream::beer::beer::beer: top pic



Just a quick update on my humidity and temp. They are holding steady and both myself and my girl are happy. She will be back to herself in a few days. @Stephen, I’m gonna need you to extend my veg cycle another week to make up for the humidity issues and the haircut I gave my girl. Also @Chris, @bjorn, @bruno etc. you know how when your power goes out and when it comes back on your devices automatically come back online once power is restored? Is there a way you can do that with the grobo? I only ask because this weekend we lost power for about 20 mins and after it came back on I had to manually bring it back online with the app. If someone leaves for a few days and power goes out the unit won’t connect until the user returns or has someone else do it for them. Just a suggestion. I know you all have a lot going on right now, but thought about it and figured I’d ask/suggest it. Thanks again and have a great rest of your weekend.



Hi @rouleauj,

Please send me a ticket through and I’ll be able to shift your schedule for you.



Thanks, done


Hi @rouleauj,

Yes the Grobo does try to reconnect to our cloud on bootup. However, when the power is out, your router is also out of power. It means that when the power is back on, it takes a while for the router to reboot and re-allocate the IP addresses for all of your wireless devices such as your TV, your cell phones and tablets etc. Since the Grobo boots up faster than the router, it might possibly miss the chance of first connection. But the Grobo checks in every 10 minutes to handshake with the cloud and retry to connect to the cloud.

Did you bring up your unit manually within 10 minutes?