Anyone have an idea on what camera I can use to get a 24/7 recording of my grow that might also be able to connect to my phone to view from afar?


A GoPro for the grobo :joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:you see what I did there? I crack me up :joy::exploding_head::scream::tada::beer:


any other camera i hear gopro battery dies quick and overheats alot



((#DidthisHelp))?.. :thinking:


kinda, i though someone had a camera in theirs already and they could recommend it to me.


Easy, get a raspberry pi with a compatible camera. Simply create a web cam with a server and you will be able to view the video from anywhere. The only thing is that you will need to run the wire into the grobo somehow to power the pi or better yet just the camera wire.

A quick google search on raspberry pi webcam or something of the sorts will find you a great deal of step by step tutorials.

I’m planning this project eventually aswell.


@Stephane if you remove the back access port on the unit you can easily feed a wire up into the unit. Looking forward to seeing what kind of pictures you get with the rpi!




if i do that would that void the warranty


@Stoned no, unless you do modify the unit in some way (e.g. drilling holes to mount the camera, etc.). My suggestion only involves running the wire through the back into the unit to the camera

Hope that helps,



For camera mounting I would use those 3M removable mounting pads. 0 damage to the unit and cheap to replace if you need to move the camera up or down. I would also leave the rpi outside of the unit to avoid over heating. Or keep it inside and mount a massive 5v noctua cooling fan.


@Stephane if you want to get really advanced you could try hot gluing some magnets to your camera. The unit is made out of steel so magnets stick very well to the chassis of the Grobo One




im not sure what that looks like. i just ordered my grobo a few days ago