So heres the issue im having 2x4x5 grow tent . I had been running 2 600w LEDs but it was getting way too hot so I removed 1 of them. My plants are both tall and my light is on the ceiling of the tent as it is no where to move it. I have 5 weeks left on this grow at the point I just want to finish a grow lol

My light that I have in there doesn’t quite cover the entire tent. The edges of the plants are in s shadow zone. The light says it can cover the entire tent but I guess that only works when the plants are smaller. In the future I plan to scrog since I have a rdwc st and dont have to move the plants to change water anymore yay.

Do you think my current light will work fine for scroggin or should I get a light that covers the whole tent like the Mars 250 bar light. Every grow I’ve done I’ve been plagued by heat issues. And scouring of my buds. My buds never fully fill out because of the burn. I have bud envy all of you have huge fat buds and I’m feeling the burn. Help me out what do you recommend.

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I’ve been looking at this light and also the Mars TSL2000. A review on Amazon states that the 250 runs hot at 135F. I can’t find the one source I read that said Mars sells an extension cord for the driver so that you can separate the driver from the fixture and mount it outside the tent. Is the driver what causes the heat? IDK, but I’m going to study the hell out of this before I make another mistake by purchasing something based on an unsubstantiated review.


I have that light and it is the driver that causes the heat. You can separate the driver from the light, but you’ll have to re wire it. I was also looking into the ts 2000, instead of getting another of the 250. Figure I can have the bar for veg tent and 2000 for flower tent, but either way they both have a driver that runs hot, but it’s not too hot for me yet. Two in one tent would absolutely be too hot! :+1::v:


Should’ve took my advice when you messaged me and purchased good leds those old 3watt and 5 watt diodes give off heat… also 1200 watts in that size tent was overkill … your better off using and supplementing light with a chilled puck or cob growmau5 makes the best over at rapidled or get a bigger tent to use both lights … I thought I remember you saying you didn’t want to be a professional lol you have more equipment than me … only other thing is get an ac for that area … the tent relies on the surrounding temps to work … just like the grobo


My fluence spyder x plus raises temps three degrees and my spyder x (veg) is the same … when both it’s 1000 watt n only raises my temps about 5 or so degrees which I offset with an ac … you should look into environmental controllers …

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Here’s the link on making the SP250 run cooler :smiley:

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I dont currently have the Mars. I have a different light. Vispectra 600w I only had 2 of them because of the shadow parts not covered. I’m not trying to grow professionally just trying to not have areas not covered.

I was wondering if the Mars could provide full tent coverage without burning my plants.


Got A/C unit off fb market super cheap paid 170 brand new in box. Couldn’t believe it. I’ve been running it like this, thought about running it in the tent and feeding exhaust out of the tent. It doesn’t put off too much heat either from unit itself. Anyone have any thoughts? Think it’d be safe in tent?

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What is it exactly that you bought of fb market for $170? Are you talking about the ac??

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Guys all I need is a bar light recommendation for my next grow. Obviously the light I have doesn’t cover my whole tent.


I’m not understanding how two 600 watt lights can’t cover a 2x4 you sure you hung them the right way… and I gave you a suggestion I told you the chilled puck is your best bet for efficiency and coverage in that space … if your already set on the led light you want just buy it … your focused on old school led when there are newer versions some cheaper like the chilled puck by growmou5 on rapidled

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@Osage I think the portable ac

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I think it would work I would raise the air pots of the splash plate so the bottom doesn’t sit in moisture and not fully dry out other than that your good … I don’t run my ac in my tent nor do I run my heater or humidifier/dehumidifier what I do is condition the area that the tent is in and let the exhaust fan bring in the surrounding air and exhaust it out


I’d rather control inside tent being less space to control. Will work on getting pot stands. @Mcmanis I’d try that mars led and if u can wire controller out of tent. @Osage sorry yes the a/c unit


The 2 led 600w was too hot. My tent was 102f inside. I returned the 2nd light.


Terps, it will be more difficult to control the inside of the tent if you don’t have the area it’s in controlled first. You are bringing air into your tent from the environment outside the tent. You’ll be fighting temp and humidity issues a great deal if you decide to go that route. I always control my macro environment, which makes it much easier to control your micro environment(ie your tent). Up to you, but learn from our mistakes, that’s why we’re here :+1::v:


I have a rdwc I cant put that on stands its 4 pots linked together inside and outside the tent.


Do you have an exhaust fan going?


Yes 6in fan and filter and 2 oscillating fans


Maybe you should also add in intake fan more cool air in :man_shrugging:t4: