Recipe Requests Oct - Dec 2018


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I’m looking to grow some cbd strains.
How about

CBD Jam by Delicious Seeds
The Church CBD by Greenhouse Seeds

If you can’t get these on the list, could you recommend a high cbd low thc strain for me?

I’m expecting my Grobo early December. Can’t wait.



Can you add -

Relentless Genetics - Purple Cookie Bomb
Exotic Genetix - Monkey Mints
Exotic Genetix - Cream D Mint
Grand Daddy Purple - Candyland Feminised
Green Team Genetics - Pebble Pie
Bay Exclusives - Galactic Pie
Space Genetics – Strawberry Cream Cookies
Second Generation Genetics - Blueberry Land
Seed Junky - Hidden Pastry Feminized
Seed Junky - Wedding Cake x Triangle Kush BX3
In House Genetics – Divine Berry Feminized
Old World Genetics – Newberry
In House Genetics - Royalty Feminized
Connected Cannabis Co - F1 Durb X Gushers (Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush)
Relentless Genetics – Cherlato
Thank you


GG4 should be on there- It is a great smoke, nicely balanced hybrid… @Stephen. I believe Canuk seeds has it now!


Hey @Dew

It’s my next grow got seeds waiting to go. :+1:


Hey @Azuri, so awesome! I’ll be following that grow for sure! Is it from Canuk?


Ayyy another exotic generics lover !! I’m running trapstar right now


Yup, I’ll be eager for the results too. :+1:


@Stephen New request for “God Bud” which is and indica-heavy Hybrid.


Big Bud!! I just ordered some feminized seeds and I’m not sure which recipe I should use :confused: … but I love the grove system so far :slight_smile: very happy



StephenGrobo Team - Horticulturalist

Aug '17

Hey Rich,

Sorry, no pics of the GDP, ran it in January of this year. Good question about a recipe for unknown seeds. I’ve developed a generic cannabis recipe that includes photo period settings. If you discover that it is an auto (starts to flower before the 12/12 light cycle begins) you can cancel the recipe and select the generic auto recipe.



Thanks @SilverGrobo!

Our Champ has it right @Kenny_planter, I recommend the Cannabis - Hybrid - Generic recipe to start. Checkout the new grow journal feature and share some pics of your beauty, we’d all love to see what you’ve got goin on.


Buying Seeds

Hey @Stephen, I have come up with yet, you guessed it, another question lol. If we see the strain in the recipe list, but it is a different breeder, will this affect the grow? For example, I have a Cinderella 99 from Canuk but the recipe is G13 Labs. This has probably been answered somewhere on here already!


Hey @Dew

It has happened already to me. Reciepe “Might” be the same but @Stephen will have to figure that one out. I’m currently growing Gorrila Glue #4 from Canuck seeds and there is another breeder reciepe in the list. Mine was named GG#4 in the reciepe list thanks to it being added after the original it has a different number of reciepe days. If the reciepe is not in prior to your seed I would go with the generic and they will flip you over.


Thanks for the input @Azuri, ya sometimes it gets me confused and thinking like White Widow, there is I think three different recipes, one sativa, one a hybrid. We’ll have to see what he says-
Speaking of GG4, I found an auto from that I’ll be trying in the future!
@Stephen, any added by this breeder to the list would be awesome!


Yeah, breeders are getting a bit out of hand these days. I recommend matching the breeder and strain to the recipe and if you don’t see the correct breeder/strain combo, then use a generic recipe. Each breeder usually tweaks their strain to make it their own, but often end up keeping the name the same. White widow is a good example. Many breeders have bred it into their lines…

Hope that helps,


Hi. New to craft. I just started a Chronic Widow from ILGM under the Hybrid Generic recipe. I figured it maybe the best recipe for the strain. I also have goldleaf from ILGM I will try afyer my first. Any suggestions or tweaks would be appreciated.


Welcome @Memnock22,

The Chronic Widow will do well with the generic hybrid recipe. Spicy yet creamy flavour eh? Looking forward to the smoke report on this one!



Canuk cookies, Cinderella 99, Auto Cheese, all from Canuk. If possible of course n thanks!





These would be good too…

The Farm Boulder Co Manufacturer
Rose Quartz
Sour Berry Blue