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So I’m going through the recipe list and I am wondering if mostly indica classify as a hybrid. For instance northern lights hybrid or northern lights blue Indica. Or bubba kush it says auto-indica- bubba kush. The thing is it is not an auto it is again indica feminized seed. There isn’t a hybrid or indica recipe. How do we go about this? Cleaning and preparing for second grow in the Grobo super excited!


If you can’t find a specific reciepe, isn’t there a generic for each type, indica, sativa, hybrid and auto? I would use the appropriate one.


I would highly recommend there is a warning on the recipe list about growing an auto strain on your first grow with the Grobo… My auto quickly reached the top of the grobo , and I ended the grow at day 75 approx with no signs of flowering so I assumed it to be male


Hey @kirk,
Great feedback, we do indeed have a warning when you select an auto recipe. In your case, it sounds like it was not an auto, hence the plant not flowering for you. Our auto recipes keep the lights on to increase yield and will not flower a regular or feminised seed.



@Stephen as I get closer to harvest I am looking forward to my second grow. If they show up I am going to try a Dark Devil (auto). Which recipe would agree with this strain the most?


I purchased a feminized Auto Blueberry (canuk seeds via Northern seed bank) but that certainly doesn’t guarantee that it was feminized or an Auto Blueberry, for sure!


Hey @Memnock22,

I’d run the Cannabis - Auto - Generic recipe that runs for 71 days. The Dark Devil states it runs from seed to finish in 8.5 (60 days) weeks, which is really fast.



@kirk… Hmmm, strange indeed. I did have an Auto AK-47 that became a tree before finally flowering after months and months of waiting. It was a Canuk seed too.

Let us know how the next grow goes.



Thank you Stephen for the info… I don’t plan on growing auto’s again after that experience…

My current grow is a Northern Light from ILGM (I love Growing Marijuana) and is looking great but I do have a question on the length of the recipe 109 days

Most seed banks say 55 days of flowering …Does that mean ready to harvest or is there another 1 to 2 weeks of flush if the vegetation (including germination) is 40 days then it should be ready in 95 days…

I know my grow was delayed 2 weeks…

and of course every grow is different ILgm describes the avg height of their northern lights to be 28" but one person made the comment that theirs exceeded 50" (grown inside)

A few of the trichomes have turned amber , most appear cloudy but the big buds are in the back where I can’t get a look… I’ve asked Jason about the flush again so he may be contacting you…

Thank you again for your help… I’ll send pics and weights of the harvest…Kirk


Great question @kirk,

The 109 days is on the far side of the strain harvest scale. When you pull her down is up to you and your preference for trichome ripeness. It sounds like you are getting close! If you wish, @GroboJason can push you into your flush stage at any time, just let him know. You may grow the exact same strain out again and find you need that additional 10 days. Plants eh?



Thank you Stephen,

I emailed jason and advised that some of the leaves have turned rust colored… and most hairs on the smaller buds are alll brownish… but on the 2 large buds about half have attached are some photos taken today…