Recipe Choice for Jack Herer Auto - Canuk Seeds [RESOLVED]

Hey Everyone,

I’m starting my third grow and this time I chose Jack Herer Auto from Canuk Seeds. When selecting the recipe, I saw two Jack recipes for Canuk Seeds, one being a Sativa with something like 120 days or a Jack Hybrid recipe at 80 days, which is the one I choose since it appears to align more with the flowering time on Canuk’s website. However, it didn’t state Auto on the Recipe.

Today, I found a Recipe titled “Generic Auto” with 71 days, the Canuk website mentions 8-9 weeks.

Since it’s been less than 24 hrs. Would you recommend leaving as-is or switching to the Generic Auto recipe?


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I would switch to the generic auto if your growing autos you don’t want to run it on a recipe meant for a photoperiod because the stages are different and the time is shorter for autos.
Photoperiods have late veg stage and autos do not.


Thanks! I just switched it over to the generic auto recipe. Will post back once we see some progress. Have a great day and thanks again!