Ready to harvest?


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Lookin good, but how bout a few more pics and a couple close ups :+1::v:


Yeah I was going to say the same thing, closer pics will be more helpful
You’ve been looking at the trichomes? Are they still clear? Some cloudly, mostly cloudy or are you seeing some turn amber? All depends on your preference really but I like mine when it’s cloudy and only some are starting to turn amber. By this time all your hairs should be pretty well brown and not white or whatever colour just not white anymore lol


It looks like some of your leaves in the back are turning yellow unless I’m mistaken so that’s a good sign that she’s close to being ready!


listed #6




Yeah still kinda hard to tell what the trichs look like on my end here. I zoomed in as far as I could and some look like they’re clear still at the top of the “mushroom head”. If that’s the case I would let it ripen up a little bit more!


What @Russel_Richardson said :point_up_2:


Good morning growers!
Updated pic: man, trichomes are hard to photograph! I’m seeing some amber. :heart_eyes:


No doubt, the struggle is real! But you are correct there’s definitely some amber in there! When are you planning on taking her down?


We took her down last night. Here she is in all of her drying glory. :heart_eyes:


Damn some of those buds look faaaaaat



Congratulations on your Harvest:clap:



Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to smoke it :blush:


Good evening!
How long do we need to cure for in the jar? Every source I have read seems to have a different answer. :woman_shrugging:t2:



There are multiple answers because it really comes down to the individual. The longer you cure properly, the better your smoke will be. Some folks are just too antsy to wait. If you’re patient, then go as long as you can. Personally I like to divvy my bud into several jars and sample as time goes on. Doing this I can take notes as to how the smoke was and then go back and review for when I grow the same strain. I’ve found different strains are better at different curing times if that makes sense. :+1::v:


Great idea, thanks!


Glad I could help!! :+1::v::fist: