Reading / E-books

Anyone interested in some reading material? PDF’s/Ebooks

Greg Green - The Cannabis Grow Bible (4th Edition) Grow Bible

Loaded Edibles - Cooking w/ Cannibas Basics Cooking Basics


Grow bible link didn’t work



Neither one loaded for me?.. :thinking:



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Yup, they’re no longer working. My apologies I’ll get them reloaded. Anyone have a reliable file upload site? These PDFs are only a few hundred pages so they’re relatively small in size which is why I used tiny upload

Edit - Links are updated and working now


Thanks for the :books: books I needed these!!! :pray:
They both loaded with mds but VPN takes you to a website you have to pay for to download.

You’re welcome

I have a lot of audiobooks as well for those that don’t care to read, but prefer to listen.

Just need a reliable upload spot. I won’t waste the time uploading if nobody wants them


I’m always up for a read no matter what form. Maybe load one a week, never know who might need what but I do understand the waist of time thing!

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I’ll send you my email if you’d like to send it my way🤗

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Sure, PM me

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Sent thanks growmie :facepunch:t4::alien: