I’m trying to find a medical potent strain with a 1:1 ratio or shorter end on the THC side. Easy to find high CBD’s but they carry low THC’s
The closest I found was CBD Kush/weedseedsexpress at 1:1 w/ THC-7%, CBD-7%. Or the
Harlequin/weedseedsexpress at 5:2 w/ THC-6%, CBD-17%
I don’t smoke so what are the ranges of THC needed for a good feeling, id like to be able to formulate a starting point.
I need high CBD for sons paranoid schizophrenia but a high enough THC that he can feel it without kicking up his paranoia or OCD and still be social.


If he doesn’t smoke at all then he should feel something from the 6% but nothing that would be overkill and probably go with the higher CBD one. Mind you I have zero experience with using this for a medical condition, I just use recreationally. @Stephen would be the best to get info from most likely on this matter :+1:

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Thanks Russell, he is an avid smoker but now that I will be able to grow something a lot better for his condition I am trying to formulate the best plan. If he is used to smoking will 6% be enough where he wont be trying to smoke every five seconds? That OCD is costing me a fortune so I try to keep him on a schedule.

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6% might not be enough then. But this is something now that I’m not educated in. If it reacts in a way with the higher CBD that he feels like he doesn’t need to smoke it a lot then maybe don’t need a high thc but again I have no clue about the actual medical need/benefits. I’m sure theres at least one person on here that can point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Go to truenorthseedbank.com I feel like you’ll have better luck there


Thanks but I tried them and $20 shipping fee for a $50 purchase just don’t make the cut. The other place had free shipping .


Well you can get free shipping at a certain price I think. Just buy a couple and keep them in your fridge or somewhere dark and cool they’ll keep for a bit. That’s what I’m doing at least. Then I don’t have to keep buying them as often either. But yeah do what works for you! :+1:

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Love that idea!image


If he’s an avid smoker your going to need much more than 6 percent


Thanks Chris! :green_thumb: I thought so! I needed to know the normal/reg % range to see if I could fall somewhere in between. Most people are into really high levels so no one knows the mid mark. I’m sure we have been using high levels because we haven’t been able to grow before so its hard to regulate. With his condition high levels long term will not be good for the brain and high levels of CBD can replace his meds one day but he won’t smoke anything if he can’t fell it.


You might want to try edibles as well. Also you can make your own and approximate the levels of cbd to thc yourself. Might be worth checking out. Also go to a dispensary and find the strain that works best for your boy and then grow it. Just my two cents :+1::v:

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Thanks Osage! I wish we had decent dispensaries here! Kalamazoo Mi ever herd of the place? Very small college town between Detroit & Chicago. I can’t drive long distance with my seizures. If anyone ever finds a strain that meets what I’m looking for please drop a post! Thanks in advance!


I’ll hunt it out :+1::v:

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Hey check out this strain. I actually have some beans and forgot until a minute ago:


image Your the man! Three cheers for Osage!!! I appreciate you!


Yeah it’s a nice strain. Haven’t grown her out yet but a buddy of mine has and it does give a nice euphoric feel and definitely calming :+1::v:


So grateful! Don’t forget to send me some pics when u start growing it so I will know what to expect. Still waiting on my Grobo to be delivered.

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Oh I won’t be growing that one next. I’ve got some super special beans that I went through hell to get, and she is next. Called Dr. grinspoons heirloom sativa #5 pure sativa strain developed by Dr. Lester grinspoon of Harvard University. Man is a genius


I saw that strain when I was searching and heard @Mcmanis talk about it in a thread. Happy Growing!


On Instagram thebakerygenetics will be releasing several 1:1 strains

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