Question about initial setup?


So I got my grobo in and I’ve completed the setup guide. When I try to fill or drain my unit … it either won’t respond to the command or it will start the command and after if I pause that command and then try to resume the full or drain it won’t resume? The drain never fully drained and when I filled it did so as normal then stopped before the high fill line. Looking at the app it said my unit will turn the lights white but it never does? It stays the light green hue? Does that means it’s still trying to fill?

I also seem to be losing connection to my unit very often but the light pulses blue as if everything is ok? The unit remained with green hue for a while after the fill … it the turned all lights off. Is this normal ?


Hey Chris. That doesn’t sound normal. Does the drain and or fill stop or is it trying but nothing’s coming. You might have to fiddle with the cord inside a bit. Mine moved in transit slightly. If not the team and or @Stephen will likely be around to assist. Worry not!


It just stops doing whatever the command is. Like twice I filled and the pump would stop taking water into the grobo. On the app I would say continue but it wouldn’t continue to fill? Same would happen when I drain… try to press the button and it wouldn’t continue… and the light stayed green… I ended up closing the door and letting it be after a while lights shut off and then the lights turned blueish… I’m assuming it started the light cycle for the recipe ?

Also does anyone know what the two button on the app mean? The one that has the lock and changed the light color to I think purple/blue and the other button that looks like a square and changes the color red ?


Left button is to unlock. Right changes your front panel so you can view inside without having to open it


Hi @chris_barfield,

When draining your unit from a filled state it will never get 100% drained - don’t worry though as this is intended. In your unit you should see a sticker close to the bottom back of the water tank that says “Empty”. This is the lowest detection we have in the unit for water level and we’ve setup the program in the device in such a way that drains for 45 seconds longer after the “Empty” sensor has dropped. You should have less than an inch of water left in your reservoir after. If not, please email

Sounds like you’re also having connectivity issues as well - this would make sense if the app seems unresponsive as the Grobo requires a stable WiFi connection to accept commands. I’m going to direct you towards emailing for this part in particular as we’re currently helping other individuals with this




I set up as it said. The coco pod is flush with the top. I notice that some pics it is pushed down about an inch or so an in others it looks flush. Is this a step that comes after germination?


Hey @Wolf

Coco pod does not require any movement. There might be some confusion by some where it goes exactly. I put mine flush with the bottom of the blue line as pictured below. I have no issues and I’m approaching day 35.


I did see that line but the instruction during set up said to have it flush with the top. I never saw any mention of that line. Going to check it for the first time today day 2. If its not in the water ill push it down a bit. Thanks


I put mine below the line to start an d after it sproutedpushed it up a smidge to be flush with the line too. It’s still there


Hi Wolf,

I apologize, we aren’t very clear on this point. Initially our setup video had the coco pod flush, but we have since updated this. This update is reflected in the two stickers on the lid. We have fixed the setup video and it is in editing now, get it out as soon as possible. For germination, it’s important to have the coco pod pushed down to under the label to ensure it keeps moist and in contact with the air pump bubbles.

TLDR; push the coco pod down please.



Thanks it has been pushed down. One more question i have. I see a lot of photos with a thermometer and a humidity gauge. As I see no ways of changing any of these parameters. Is this just for peace of mind?


Regardless I’m getting them.


Also is there any way to see this info or ph levels from the app?


I think those are mostly my pics. Thats for my peace of mind until the app shows me these settings. Growers can control these settings so I believe all growers at any level of knowledge needs this info to grow properly.

Edit: I should clarify you can’t control them via the Grobo app or unit. It can be done via A/C, dehumidify and placement of your unit.


Thank you. My first seed i got from a friend he called it prism and told me it was feminized and 85 percent indica. Other than that I had no guideline to pick my recipe. I went with generic indica does any one have any ideas about that choice? Just wondering


Hey @Stephen you probably want to change the wording Here too. Still states flush.


That is what I went by. The pod was still in the water during high fill. It might have become an issue during later fills that are not so high. Just guessing


Good choice. @Stephen might make adjustments down the road if you run into issues. But you should be good.




StephenGrobo Team - Horticulturalist



Sorry for the confusion @ScottM

Here is the skinny on coco pod placement. We have made some slight cosmetic updates that enables the user to place the coco pod flush with the top of the lid.

  1. If your lid has a sticker, place the coco pod at that level.

IMG_1515.JPG2448x3264 1.09 MB

  1. If your lid does not have a sticker, place the coco pod flush with the lid.

IMG_1516.JPG2448x3264 1.25 MB



Did y’all fix this issue? I am having the same issue. The fill process stopped, light still green, water level is about right, it just never snaps out of fill mode and continues the grow.