Purchasing used Grobo(s)

There doesn’t appear to be a “for sale” area on this forum so hoping this is the best place.

We are looking at growing our Grobo fleet to 4 units. Please, I’m not looking for a “there are cheaper ways / why do this” conversation.

Located in Gatineau, 10 minutes from Ottawa. I’m looking at picking up a few used Grobo’s. If you bought one, but decided it’s not for you for whatever reason reach out to me. Ideally, you would be within driving distance (3 hours) so we wouldn’t have to deal with shipping and I could see the unit live.

If you are looking to sell reach out to me. Preference will be given to those who have kept it in doors, and have it in perfect / amazing condition. This means the sensor well taken care of in the proper solution, etc.

Interested in chatting - hit me up.

@stephen let me know as well.




((#ChaChing)): :money_mouth_face::moneybag:



Im in Oregon - Would also be willing to buy a used for right price

Maybe man, PM me, let’s chat!