Purchased never before used grobo *Resolved *

Hey @Stephen,
I got a brand new grobo from another person and paid the transfer fee of 79.99 order #6059 paid. It said someone would schedule a call but it is brand new never used, so all i really need is to be able to log in to the grobo and setup wifi and i can handle the calibration etc.

Any information or knowledge you can share will be a great help and if i have to do a call i will i just need it sooner than later because i have a clone that will be rdy soon.

Thank you,

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I did the same and was able to just go in and set it up without any special clearance. This is your second unit correct?

Hey Ovie,

If you reach out to @Danielle at support@grobo.io we can schedule a time to check the unit out to ensure it’s ready to grow for you. Quick call wouldn’t hurt to ensure the unit is up to standards.


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Yes i have another one but they have to activate the transfer of ownership. Its brand new never been used but i can’t control it without being activated /cry
Earliest appointment was not until friday.

i wish @Danielle could hook me up in the morning. I have a clone of my auto almost rdy to go.

Strange, in that case I wonder who mine “belongs to” :joy:.

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Figured it out and got it connected!

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Did it require assistance from Grobo support?

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No it did not. Thanks for helping.

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Very cool that @Stephen offered to have the team run a initial setup diagnostic for you anyways, top notch customer service as always :100:

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Yes, and i am still scheduled for that call. @Stephen has taken really good care of me and my grobo!
His videos are great too!

Just had the call with @Danielle. She is awesome! She checked over my grobo and made sure it was rdy to go. She is very knowledgeable and Friendly! Just another reason i have 2 boxes now! @Stephen give her a raise!