Possible root rot, Very close to harvest


So I forgot to change the water for one week and now my plant looks like it’s dying. I just changed the water last night and I’m planning on using hydroguard but I’m afraid by the time I do it will be too late. The water I drained definitely had a stench to it. I’m wondering if I should harvest now to get at least something out of this grow.


Sorry about your plant buddy!

When you say stench, how pungent are we talking? The bud material may not be consumable if there was that strong of an odor. I’m no expert on this, so please only take this as my opinion.


It smelled different than usual, although I did forget to change the water when I was supposed to but I guess it wasn’t horrible. Just a little stinky


Maybe once you get some fresh water in there and the system does it job things will balance itself out. If you haven’t already, make sure you place a ticket in with support and someone will definitely get you taken care of.


I hope so, just emailed support. Thank you sir


Absolutely! They will get your plant back on track!


Hey @Colin_Kauffman,

I see you, not all is lost. Let me dig into your data a bit and respond through support.



This one was harvested instead of being put into the emergency room. Looks like you were close to the end, so maybe not a bad idea. How did it turn out @Colin_Kauffman?



It turned out ok, it was close enough that I just decided to go for it. It’s in the drying mode right now. Looks like maybe an ounce. I’m excited to try some different techniques on my next grow:)