Plants up to 40 days and germination


Just moving some leaves around. Gonna hold off on :lollipop:ing till her topping heals some more-


:star_struck:. What day are you on @Dew ?


That was almost into day 27!


Planted a new (2nd grow) one in the Grobo Wednesday–Big Apple. I googled three cotyledons but found contradictory info. Anyone have thoughts? @Stephen?


Perhaps a Mutation.


I’ll be interested in what @stpehen says I don’t think it’s the same thing @chris_barfield had with his plant.

I researched and my guess is it’s a triploid very rare and a good thing based on my findings. This will be a great grow to watch!


Whatever it is it looks healthy might give you something good





So far, so sweet :sunglasses: love watching her grow.



My money is on Whorled phyllotaxy. Check it out here from Royal Queen Seeds:

“This kind of mutation is also very pretty. Cannabis plants have a great deal of natural geometry. This mutation creates a slightly different kind. Regular plants have two leaves that grow from each internode. Whorled phyllotaxy plants have three leaves instead. Plants with a whorled phyllotaxy tend to be extra bushy. That said, the trait is not useful to breeders as it can lead to greater yields, but will disappear once attempted to be bred and replicated.”



Thanks @Stephen. That was also my best guess after further reading. I’ve seen contradictory ideas as to the effect on yield. Guess I’ll try to add another data point to that question by growing this one.


Hey @Stephen

That’s three leaves but @Cornholio has three cotyledons which I read is far more rare then the whirrly bird thing you speak of or is it all the same or even speculation?


:wave:. @Stephane, saw your last post thought this might help, since we’re similar on our grow periods. I’ve only taken off the first set of three fingered leaves and just been moving the rest around to open up future bud sites and she seems to be really happy with that. I also know we topped at about the same time and I think that’s still where most of our plants energy is going. Just give yours a little more time she’ll bounce back. :+1:


@Dew thanks for the advice. I’m ordering the the drying rack on the grobo site to help spread the leaves around to give more light to the inner “bushyness” of my plant. Yours looks amazing BTW.


Thanks! Ya I was waiting for my plant to get there to get a drying rack now I’m thinking I should have already ordered one- lol


Now it appears that what I thought was three cotyledons is actually two–one of them has two lobes & I mistook that for a third leaf.


Day 32, very content-


@Dew. Looking real good! Ours look pretty similar I’m just a couple days ahead. Looks super healthy :star_struck:. What was it you were growing again?


Should be a fem GSC :crossed_fingers:


Day 36, few trims, couple days left in late veg :palm_tree::v::+1: