Plants up to 40 days and germination



My first few seeds did not sprout either got some good seeds and my first plant is getting to be a monster. Growing like a weed:seedling::palm_tree:


Ya it was a bit of a battle. Speaking of growing,

here’s an update day 11-


Day: 35; Hash Haze


Nice to see you @Rich on the forum


Same. Will finally be able to be more active once again with my regular updates.


Day: 36; water chance and a little defoliation. This plant is thriving in her environment at the moment. Proud of this monster!


@Rich looking good! Nice to see that you’re back :slight_smile:


Going into day 15 :+1: she’s loving her home-


She is looking good!


Day: 38


Looking good @Rich

Great improvement over your first grow it only gets better each time. :+1: I gotta ask though what’s with the Grobo sticker tucked in the right hand corner of the lid?


Lmao. :rofl::joy: I’m glad someone finally made mention of it. The noise(s) I was experiencing were coming from all sorts of locations and the lid itself happened to rattling a bit. Needless to say the Grobo stickers tucked in between the lid and the back of the unit have done the trick!

This grow has gone much better it terms of “response” from the plant. Just topped the plant one on day 26 and stayed true to defoliation and this has paid dividends so far! Very happy to see where it’s going!


Day: 39; Pre and post defoliation.


Going into day 20, she’s right at first fan now :+1:


@Dew i love how similar are setups are with the temp/RH gauge on the left side. Except you went with much newer tech than me lol.


You got a couple days on me lol, I just noticed right before that pic that the leaves will hit my therm probably by tonight so i had to move it up by the first fan. (magnets are awesome) Think it was 20 bucks on amazon and one I had seen around the community.


Day 22 :love_you_gesture:


Thought this might help. Went ahead and topped her a few hours after drain/fill yesterday. The last couple are today, she’s showing no signs of stress and added almost a quarter inch to her height in one night!


The 420th post :grimacing: the boom has begun- :boom::boom: